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GeneCology Research Centre

The GeneCology centre aims to provide knowledge that improves processes in a wide array of disciplines in order to benefit society.

The Centre brings together a multidisciplinary team organised into 6 main Research Themes: Aquaculture, Forestry and Plant Sciences, Ecology, Functional Genomics and Proteomics, Microbiology and Molecular Engineering.

The Centre members work synergistically to provide cutting-edge scientific solutions for both industry partners and collaborators in academia.

Biologist Russell Wyeth
Research partners

The GeneCology Research Centre has a number of important research partners that are invaluable to its research programs.

Jennifer Chandler
Research students

Research opportunities for research students at the GeneCology Research Centre

GeneCology latest news

USC Newsroom
Spider venom could lead to bee-friendly pesticides
11 February

The world’s biggest collection of arachnid venoms will be used to help find pesticides that don’t harm bees, in new research at USC Australia.

Slow and sticky snail study to benefit agriculture
21 January

A USC PhD student is looking for clues in snail mucus trails to find out how the small invertebrates communicate with each other.

USC PhD student opens the gate on bioresearch
21 November 2019

Implantable biosensors that can override natural biological systems might sound like something from a science fiction movie, but research being undertaken by a USC PhD student could see them soon become a reality.

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