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Hilary Pearl

DNA barcoding to enhance conservation of the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands A/Prof Alison Shapcott, Tim Ryan (QLD Herbarium), Dr Yoko Shiimizu

Marion Howard

Assessing the Diversity and Conservation of Central Queensland Rainforest using DNA Barcoding A/Prof Alison Shapcott

Rachele Wilson

Landscape use by solitary and stingless bees in different habitats using DNA barcoding A/Prof Alison Shapcott

Danielle Madden

More rapid and cost-effective diagnosis of antibiotic-resistant infections A/Prof Erin Price

Soheila Beiranvand

Modulatory effects of Australian honeys on inflammation, oxidative stress and wound healing A/Prof Fraser Russell, Dr Peter Brooks, A/Professor Chris Askew, Dr Tom Bailey

Genevieve Kerr

Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria and analysis of their implementation in the Asia Pacific A/Prof Joanne Macdonald

Madeeha Ahmed

Diagnostic strategies for managing dengue virus and insecticide resistance in Aedes mosquitoes A/Prof Joanne Macdonald, Prof Peter Timms, Dr Nina Pollak

Bronwyn Smit

Investigation into the translocation of candida albicans across the human gut epithelium and its interactions with human microbiota and probiotics A/Prof Mohammad Katouli

Christian ODea

Application of Next-Generation Sequencing for detection of human and animal fecal pollution in surface waters A/Prof Mohammad Katouli

Dylan Astley

Role of type 6 secretion system in pathogenesis of translocating E. coli A/Prof Mohammad Katouli

Thanh Cuong Le

Application of next-generation sequencing to study nocardiosis in fish A/Prof Mohammad Katouli, A/Prof Erin Price

Adam Hillberg

Crown-of-thorns starfish attractants A/Prof Scott Cummins, Dr Tianfang Wang, A/Prof Abigail Elizur

Anne Klein

Omics investigations within the Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, with a focus on the giant triton snail A/Prof Scott Cummins

Kaylene Ballard

The bioactivity and functionality of molecular and microbial components in trail mucus of the terrestrial snails Theba pisana and Cernuella virgata A/Prof Scott Cummins, Dr Tomer Ventura, Prof Abigail Elizur

Tuan Phong Phan

Molecular investigation in host-parasite interaction A/Prof Scott Cummins

Zubaida Patwary

Multi-omics investigation of natural products in the red seaweed Asparagopsis taxiformis A/Prof Scott Cummins

Aaron Brunton

Phylogenetics, conservation and taxonomy of species of Fontainea A/Prof Steven Ogbourne

Dinh Dung Cao

Hyperspectral imaging techniques for assessing fruit and nut quality A/Prof Steven Ogbourne

Elektra Grant

Reproductive biology, flowering and genetics of Fontainea picrosperma (Euphorbiaceae) A/Prof Steven Ogbourne

Shahida Akter Mitu

Anti-Cancer, Natural Product Transcriptomics A/Prof Steven Ogbourne

Cherrihan Adra

Assessing the Antifungal Activity of the Secondary Metabolites Produced by Actinomycetes against Phytopathogen Phellinus noxius Infecting Heritage Fig Trees Dr Ipek Kurtboke, and A/Prof Alison Shapcott

Harrchun Panchalingam

  Dr Ipek Kurtboke

Linda Moss

  Dr Ipek Kurtboke

Susan Anstey

Epidemiology of chlamydial infections in livestock: Equine psittacosis and Cattle chlamydiosis Dr Martina Jelocnik

Vasilli Kasimov

On the Heel of Infection Spill-over: Chlamydial Infections in Australian Birds, Livestock and Humans Dr Martina Jelocnik and A/Prof Peter Timms

Mingyu Luo

Identifying the circulating DNA biomarkers for non-invasive early cancer detection Dr Min Zhao

Salma Bhyan

An integrated study of women specific cancers and infertility rate using genomics and bioinformatics Dr Min Zhao, A/Prof Scott Cummins

Yong Kiat Wee

Development and application of systems biology approaches for multiple dimensional data integration on cancer genomics data Dr Min Zhao

Mousumi Sarker Chhanda

  Dr Nguyen Nguyen Hong

Thanh Vu Nguyen

Genetics of the bacterial (Edwardsiella ictaluri) disease resistance in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) Dr. Nguyen H. Nguyen, A/Prof Scott Cummins

Trang Trinh Thi

Genetic and genomic approaches to select for improved disease resistance against white spot syndrome virus in Whiteleg Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) Dr Nguyen Nguyen Hong

Wei Wang

The biodiversity and taxonomy of sucking lice (Psocodea: Phthiraptera: Anoplura) from Australian native rodents Dr Renfu Shao, Dr David Walter, Dr Lance Durden, Dr Haylee Weaver

Yalun Dong

Mitochondrial genome evolution and molecular phylogeny of parasitic lice (order: Phthiraptera) Dr Renfu Shao, Dr Min Zhao

Jaspreet Kour

Characterising the patterns of deleterious mutational changes in human Dr Sankar Subramanian, Dr Renfu Shao

Umayal Ramasamy

Understanding the patterns of mutational load in the Human Population Dr. Sankar Subramanian, Prof. Abigail Elizur

Conor Fogarty

Identification and analysis of chemical interplay between Schistosoma and host proteins Dr Tianfang Wang, A/Prof Scott Cummins, Prof Donald McManus (Queensland Institute of Medical Research), A/Prof Russell Wyeth (St Francis Xavier University)

Stuart Smith

Biochemical basis for stress-induced responses in the Crown-of-Thorns Sea-stars Dr Tianfang Wang

Courtney Lewis

Developing metabolomic tools to understand key physiological aspects of decapod crustaceans Dr Tomer Ventura, Prof Abigail Elizur

Felicity Masters

Molecular analysis of stress response in the pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima Prof Abigail Elizur, A/Prof Scott Cummins, A/Prof David Mills (Paspaley Pearls)

Lachlan Dennis

Application of biotechnologies to support Giant Grouper aquaculture Prof Abigail Elizur, Dr Josephine Nocillado, A/Prof Scott Cummins

Thi Minh Thu Vo

An omics approach for understanding flesh coloration in the Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar Prof Abigail Elizur, Dr Tomer Ventura, Dr Gianluca Amoroso (Petuna)

Tomer Abramov

Biotechnology applications for improved oyster aquaculture productivity Prof Abigail Elizur, A/Prof Scott Cummins

David Lizarraga

Insights from a different vantage point: New modelling of vaccination and epidemiology of Chlamydia infections Dr Scott Carver (Uni of Tasmania), Dr Bonnie Quigley, Prof. Peter Timms

Van Sang Vu

Application of modern quantitative and molecular genetic tools in enhancing efficiency of Portuguese oyster (Crassotrea angulata) selective breeding in Vietnam Prof Abigail Elizur,​ Dr Sankar Subramanian, Prof Wayne O'Connor (NSW DPI)