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Creative Humanities

Developing new technologies for social good and exploring creative works

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Engage Research Cluster

Research into development of familiar technologies to find solutions to social issues

Transcultural and Indigenous Pedagogies Research Group

Cultures, histories, rights, interests, knowledges and perspectives of Indigenous peoples

The Engage Research Cluster uses innovative collaborative approaches in research to develop technologies such as computer games, social networking sites, apps and interactive experiences to find solutions to social issues with measurable benefits to the community.

Its mission is to empower and inspire people through technology to flourish, have positive experiences, make social connections, find meaning, experience accomplishments and achieve environmental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

It brings together experts from a great variety of disciplines including: information technology, game design, mental and public health, social sciences, planning, art and design, education, engineering and business.

The Transcultural and Indigenous Pedagogies Research Group will build upon the existing work of the USC Indigenous Studies Research Theme. The Group is led by Professor Catherine Manathunga and Associate Professor Maria Raciti, with close collaboration with the Dean of Indigenous Education and Engagement, Professor Gary Thomas.