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Research projects

Orbit computer game to prevent abuse

Orbit is a computer game that takes a positive and practical approach to child sexual abuse prevention, an approach that is informed by evidence-based research.

The game’s foundation is the belief that healthy attachment to adults is the key to preventing and minimising the negative effects of child sexual abuse. The computer game builds on this foundation by helping the child build a healthy self concept. It is within this context that the game presents the child with specific information about child sexual abuse and what to do if they are being abused.

Being Safety Smart – free online game for child protective behaviours

Being Safety Smart is a free to use online serious game providing safety strategies for children aged from 6 to 8. The program is designed to increase the awareness of children to situations within the community which might impact upon their personal safety and to empower them with the ability to act appropriately and with confidence.

Health and wellbeing

We are working on a number of projects promoting positive health and wellbeing. These include:

Project name Project description
Memory keeper Use of digital therapy for individuals with Alzheimers Disease
Apps for autism Expert reviewing system for apps providing learning and support for children with Autism
Gaming well Research into the positive effects of videogames on mental health
Indigenous Alternative Reality Game How ARGs and mobile gaming can promote health and wellbeing in Indigenous communities
Gaming experience Measuring emotional responses of players of computer games
Hello Sunday morning How online goal setting and peer support can achieve positive health behaviour change
Gamechange(h)er Exploring the videogame design elements that may impact the agency and identity of adolescent girls
Young and Well A digitally connected world where technologies are used to support young people to feel safe, healthy and resilient. ‘Researching into computer games’ and ‘flourishing mental health’, in partnership with the $27M federal funded Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre
I play at work Gamifying the workplace
Skill development iPad simulations for physical motor and decision making skill development
Youth Youth coping strategies and technology use
Resilience Videogames and resilience
Movement and wellbeing Videogames, movement and wellbeing
Social wellbeing Videogames and social wellbeing

Environment and place

We are working on projects in the area of environment and place. Some of the projects include:

Project name Project description
Fraser Young Explorer

School education using smartphones to deliver information and allow students to collect media-rich information in the field

Darkwood Game to explore the carbon cycle and carbon sequestration
Interactive map Large digital interactive map for public interaction to engage community with their region for risk communication, disaster management, climate change and planning
Jumping the Fence

Alternative Reality Game/Augmented Reality Game linking children with natural environment

SESYNC Building resilient communities in Thailand and Australia
Planning game

Game for planning using interactive multi-touch technology

Visitor expectations

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Visitor Expectations study

People’s garden

Interactive public artwork to engage and record community around environmental issues

Safety and protection

We are working on projects to support blended learning. Some of our projects include:

Project area Project description
Being safety smart Award winning child protective behaviours game
Knowing you, knowing me Relationship and risk education game for alcohol use reduction
Orbit Free online child sexual abuse prevention game for children 8-10 years. Online mother and daughter, alcohol misuse minimisation program.
Affective computing Systems to automatically recognise and respond to human emotion
FeelingSafe Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Learning Environment

Community and Education

Our projects are freely available to the community.

Project Description
N2E Video/blogging online environment for nurse educators training
Games in the classroom Understanding the barriers and benefits of using computer games as integrated elements of classroom education
Pre-service Teacher Tracker Smartphone solutions to provide consistent mentoring for education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literacy learners Language and literacy professional development program for teachers
My Tertiary Education Day (MyTED) Encouraging primary students to consider higher education options
Liberated Learning Automated speech recognition for learning
Interactive discovery museum exhibits Developing interactive exhibits for experience and education
Shared success Community partnerships for shared success
Photographs Attitudinal change using photographs
SET 4 Uni Enhance university experience for international students
Serious Games Bachelor in Serious Games
Employment status Behaviour/attitude change for employment status
Expressions Teaching Autistic children to read expressions
Decision making Technologies and decision making
Visualisation Graduate Attribute Visualiser