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About Forest Industries Research Centre


To conduct world class research with collaborating industry, national and international partners to:

  • improve the understanding of increasingly complex forestry value chains
  • expand the knowledge of how the links of the value chain interact and how they can be managed to add value
  • develop a clearer understanding of its place and impact within the broader forest value network which encompasses all the values of a forest

Research areas

The FIRC research areas as they relate to the forestry value chain fall into four research discipline areas:

While these research areas are all important in their own right, FIRC's view is that a multidiscipline approach is the best way to understand and identify value in these interactions.


  • optimised forest supply chain planning and management
  • biomass/bioenergy supply chain systems and management
  • subtropical forest and plantation management systems
  • forest industry pest and disease management including biological control systems
  • tropical and subtropical plantation species selection and breeding
  • plantation and regrowth timber processing for engineered wood products


Professor Mark Brown is a regular contributor to The Conversation, which is an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public.

Working with the alliance participants Australian Forest Operations Research Alliance (AFORA) has, and continues to develop, practical tools and industry reports. These include:

Pine forest
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