Fraser Island Forest Dynamics - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Fraser Island Forest Dynamics


K'gari-Fraser Island is a World Heritage Area, with a long history of forest disturbance and more recently forest restoration. USC has Dilli Village Research and Teaching Facility.

Research on K'gari-Fraser Island will investigate forest dynamics, and how past disturbance has impacted forests and how forests will recover

Grahame Applegate is leading our efforts to re-establish permanent plots established by Qld Department of Forestry including:

  • Plots monitoring growth in plantations of native species (some date to 1919)
  • Multiple experiments related to fire ecology, logging
  • 20 Detailed Yield Plots set up in early 1950’s
  • Series of plots near Dilli Village monitoring sand mine rehabilitation

Establish permanent monitoring including flux tower (LIEF grant).

Focal point for research and research-informed teaching across disciplines at Dilli Village.


Associate Professor Grahame Applegate
Principal Research Fellow