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Butterfly dreaming is a YouTube film about Koa Dreaming filmed on country at Winton by Aunty Minnie with Griffith University and other collaborators. It was shown at the International Film Festival and has been translated into many different languages.

The Willandra Fossil Trackway – 20,000 Years of Connecting the Past with the Future shows how a 20,000-year old fossil footprint trackway revealed at Mungo National Park, is being reimagined by the First Nations peoples of the Willandra Lakes Region using digital technologies. With First Nations People at the centre of this co-designed project, it brings together; Elders, youth, children, and digital scientists to develop an augmented reality experience to create an immersive understanding of daily life in the Willandra over the past 20,000 years.

Drawing on 60 years of archived scientific research data, the project’s ambition is to develop First Nations centred interpretations of some of the World Heritage values of the Willandra Lakes Region. In doing so, it supports a rights-based approach to interpretation empowering First Nations peoples to tell their stories, filtering the body of scientific research through a cultural lens, bringing the continuing, living cultural landscape to the forefront of interpretations for the site.

This presentation was delivered as part of the Indigenous and Transcultural Research Centre's Partnership Seminar Series by:

Ms Patsy Winch; Chair of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Aboriginal Advisory Group (AAG)

Dr Dan Rosendahl; Executive Officer Willandra Lakes Region

Dr Olwen Beazley; Manager Historic & World Heritage at NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

Ms Leanne Mitchell; World Heritage Aboriginal Programs Officer



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