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Medical and Health Science

Research in the field of medical and health science is thriving at USC. The Sunshine Coast region is currently experiencing massive growth in health services with more than $2 billion investment in health and hospital care currently underway, including the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Building on its close relationships with public and private health and allied health providers in the region, USC is set to expand its contribution to improving regional and national health and wellbeing through groundbreaking research.

Existing strengths

Health assessment
Cluster for Health Improvement

Fostering innovative applied health research.

Inflammation and Healing Research Cluster

Improving health outcomes related to dysfunctional inflammatory processes.

Nursing and midwifery student with patient
Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine Cluster for Research Excellence

NURTURE Group builds on the strengths of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine at USC to maximise interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research collaboration.

The Cluster for Health Improvement fosters innovative applied research on issues that enhance the quality of life for people of all ages and includes specific groups such as people with disabilities, pregnant women and elite athletes.

The Inflammation and Healing Research Cluster investigates dysfunctional inflammatory responses, many of which contribute to the development and progression of common chronic and autoimmune diseases including infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, allergy, psoriasis and cancer.

The Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine Cluster for Research Excellence delivers health dividends through research conducted under three main themes: maternal and child health; acute and complex care of adults; and health professional education.

Sport and Exercise Science Research at USC spans all the foundation disciplines of sport and exercise science, including biomechanics, exercise physiology, psychology, coaching, and motor control and learning.

Lat pulldown

The Nutrition and Dietetics discipline at USC focuses on translational research aimed at increasing nutrition and health-related knowledge and fosters a collaborative research environment from across undergraduate students through to academics.

Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute

The Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute is a world-class facility for mental health and neurological research, teaching and clinical services. The Institute enables USC to make a major contribution to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain and mind and be at the forefront of vital research for the Sunshine Coast in the areas of aging, dementia and mental health issues relating to youth and adolescents.

The Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit aims to understand, prevent and respond to sexual violence and abuse at a local, national and international level.