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Research students

The Cluster provides an excellent opportunity to build and expand on existing cooperative efforts and to develop new and increased opportunities for Honours and Higher Degree by Research students interested in Health Improvement.

We provide a high quality student experience in postgraduate research; provide extended learning opportunities for early career researchers; and offer innovative projects in areas of the national health agenda.

The Cluster for Health Improvement focuses research around topics such as:

Supervisor Key research area

Professor Marion Gray

  • bioethics
  • allied health education and practice
  • indigenous health
  • chronic disease management
  • impact of disability and prostate cancer epidemiology
  • diagnosis and treatment

Judith Maher

  • nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding promotion
  • settings based research
  • translational research
  • qualitative and critical methodologies in research

Daniel Mellifont

  • optimising performance and preventing injury
  • coalface measures and interventions for movement control
  • relationships between clinical practice and biomechanical testing

Dr Mark McKean

  • fitness research
  • movement quality and function
  • lifelong health and wellbeing
  • exercise prescription and industry practices

Dr Florin Oprescu

  • health promotion
  • health communication
  • injury prevention
  • educational development
  • use of ICT in health promotion and social marketing

Dr Fiona Pelly

  • factors influencing food choice and dietary behaviours in different populations
  • appropriate food provision for athletes prior to major competition
  • labelling of packaged food for pre-school and primary school aged children
  • development and evaluation of environmental nutrition interventions including point of choice menu labelling


Dr Rachel Cole

  • health promotion
  • behavioural epidemiology
  • physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • health in communities, the built environment and policy

Professor Brendan Burkett

  • human health and performance
  • sports biomechanics
  • technology and software developments in human health and performance

Dr Kieran Broome

  • occupational therapy (OT) and macro practice
  • professional issues in OT
  • age-friendly and accessible transport
  • evaluation of clinical practice

 If you are interested in undertaking a PhD or Honours please contact Dr Fiona Pelly, Leader, Cluster for Health Improvement.