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O'Donnell,   F., Ramachandran, V. N, Smyth, T. J, Smyth, W. F, Brooks, P.

An investigation of bioactive phytochemicals in the leaves of Melicope vitiflora by electrospray ionisation ion trap mass spectrometry

Analytica Chimica Acta

Lovell,   D., Cuneo, R., Gass, G. C

Resistance training reduces the blood pressure response of older men during sub maximum aerobic exercise

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Katouli,   M., Ramos, N., Nettelbladt, C., Ljungdahl, M., Robinson, W. A, Ison, H.,   Brauner, A., Mollby, R.

Host species-specific translocation of Escherichia coli

European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Lovell,   D., Cuneo, R., Gass, G. C

Strength Training Improves Sub maximum Cardiovascular Performance in Older Men

Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy

Smyth,   T. J, Ramachandran, V. N, Brooks, P., Smyth, W. F

A study of the antibacterial activities of selected Australian medicinal plants

Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy

Saifi, M., Pourshafie, M. R, Soltan Dallal, M. M, Katouli, M.

Clonal groups of high-level gentamicin-resistant Enterococcus faecium isolated from municipal wastewater and clinical samples in Tehran, Iran

Letters in Applied Microbiology

Long,   Y. B, Faoagali, J., Bodman, J., George, N., McKay, D. B, Katouli, M.

Persistence of Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Strains of Acinetobacter baumannii Carrying Class 1 Integron in a Hospital Setting

Microbial Drug Resistance

Stratton,   H., Ahmed, W., Katouli, M.

A consensus: microbial source tracking (MST) in water

Microbiology Australia

Anastasi, E. M, Matthews, B., Gundogdu, A., Vollmerhausen, T. L,   Ramos, N., Stratton, H., Ahmed, W., Katouli, M.

Prevalence and Persistence of Escherichia coli Strains with Uropathogenic Virulence Characteristics in Sewage Treatment Plants

Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Walton,   S., Pizzutto, S., Slender, A., Viberg, L., Holt, D. C, Hales, B. J, Kemp, D. J, Currie, B. J, Rolland, J. M, O'Hehir, R.

Increased allergic immune response to Sarcoptes scabies antigens in crusted versus ordinary scabies

Clinical and Vaccine Immunology

Lovell,   D., Cuneo, R., Gass, G. C

The effect of strength training and short-term detraining on maximum force and the rate of force development of older men

European Journal of Applied Physiology

Ramos,   N., Saayman, M. L, Chapman, T. A, Tucker, J. R, Smith, H. V, Faoagali, J.,   Chin, J. C, Brauner, A., Katouli, M.

Genetic relatedness and virulence gene profiles of Escherichia coli strains isolated from septicaemic and urospetic patients

European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Lovell,   D., Cuneo, R., Gass, G. C

Can Aerobic Training Improve the Muscular Strength and Power of Older Men?

Journal of Aging and Physical Activity

McLellan,   C., Lovell, D., Gass, G. C

Creatine Kinase and Endocrine Responses of Elite Players Pre, During, and Post rugby League Match Play

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Hamilton,   K., Brooks, P., Holmes, M. A, Cunningham, J., Russell, F. D

Evaluation of the composition of omega-3 fatty acids in dietary oil supplements

Nutrition and Dietetics

Walton,   S.

The immunology of susceptibility and resistance to scabies

Parasite Immunology

Mounsey,   K. E, Pasay, C. J, Arlian, L. G, Morgan, M. S, Holt, D. C, Currie, B. J,   Walton, S., McCarthy, J. S

Increased transcription of Glutathione S-transferases in acaricide exposed scabies mites

Parasites and Vectors

Eccleston,   K., Brooks, P., Kurtboke, D. I

Assessment of the Role of Local Strawberry Rhizosphere - Associated Streptomycetes on the Bacterially-Induced Growth and Botrytis cinerea Infection Resistance of the Fruit


McKerrow,   J. D, Al-Rawi, J. M, Brooks, P.

Use of Diphenyliodonium Bromide in the Synthesis of Some N-Phenyl-Amino Acids

Synthetic Communication

Sullivan,   D., Brooks, P., Tindale, N. W, Chapman, S., Ahmed, W.

Faecal sterols analysis for the identification of human faecal pollution in a non-sewered catchment

Water Science and Technology

McLellan,   C., Lovell, D., Gass, G. C

Markers of Post match Fatigue in Professional Rugby League Players

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Ramos,   N., Lamprokostopoulou, A., Chapman, T. A, Chin, J. C, Romling, U., Brauner,   A., Katouli, M.

Virulence characteristics of translocating Escherichia coli andd the interleukin-8 response to infection.

Microbial Pathogenesis

Lovell,   D., Cuneo, R., Delphinus, E. M, Gass, G. C

Leg Strength and the VO2max of Older Men

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Lovell,   D., Cuneo, R., Gass, G. C

The blood pressure response of older men to maximum and sub-maximum strength testing

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Dougall,   A. M, Alexander, B., Holt, D. C, Harris, T., Sultan, A. H, Bates, P. B, Rose,   K., Walton, S.

Evidence incriminating midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) as potential vectors of Leishmania in Australia

International Journal for Parasitology

McLellan,   C., Lovell, D., Gass, G. C

The Role of Rate of Force Development on Vertical Jump Performance

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

McLellan,   C., Lovell, D., Gass, G. C

Performance Analysis of Elite Rugby League Match Play Using Global Positioning Systems

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Massaro,   C. F, Brooks, P., Wallace, H. M, Russell, F. D

Cerumen of Australian stingless bees (Tetragonula carbonaria): gas chromatography-mass spectrometry fingerprints and potential anti-inflammatory properties


Kuballa,   A. V, Holton, T. A, Paterson, B., Elizur, A.

Moult cycle specific differential gene expression profiling of the crab Portunus pelagicus

BMC Genomics

Alasaad,   S., Walton, S., Rossi, L., Bornstein, S., Abu-Madi, M., Soriguer, R. C,   Fitzgerald, S., Zhu, X., Zimmermann, W., Ugbomoiko, U. S, Pei, K.,   Heukellbach, J.

Sarcoptes-World Molecular Network (Sarcoptes-WMN): integrating research on scabies

International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Ramos, N., Dzung, D. T, Stopsack, K., Janko, V., Pourshafie, M. R,   Katouli, M., Brauner, A.

Characterisation of uropathogenic Escherichia coli from children with urinary tract infection in different countries

European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Mareddy,   V. R, Rosen, O., Thaggard, H., Manor, R., Kuballa, A. V, Aflalo, E. D, Sagi,   A., Paterson, B., Elizur, A.

Isolation and characterization of the complete cDNA sequence encoding a putative insulin-like peptide from the androgenic gland of Penaeus monodon


Vollmerhausen, T. L, Ramos, N., Gundogdu, A., Robinson, W. A, Brauner,   A., Katouli, M.

Population structure and uropathogenic virulence associated genes of faecal Escherichia coli from healthy young and elderly adults

Journal of Medical Microbiology

McLellan,   C., Lovell, D., Gass, G. C

Biochemical and Endocrine Responses to Impact and Collision During Elite Rugby League Match Play

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Lovell,   D., Mason, D., Delphinus, E. M, Eagles, A., Shewring, S., McLellan, C.

Does Upper Body Strength and Power Influence Upper Body Wingate Performance in Men and Women?

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Dashtbani-Roozbehani,   A., Bakhshi, B., Katouli, M., Pourshafie, M. R

Comparative Sequence Analysis of recA Gene among Vibrio cholerae Isolates from Iran with Globally reported sequences

Letters in Applied Microbiology

Gundogdu, A., Hook (Long), Y. B, Vollmerhausen, T. L, Katouli, M.

Antimicrobial resistance and distribution of sul genes and integron-associated intI genes among uropathogenic Escherichia coli in Queensland, Australia

Journal of Medical Microbiology

Lovell,   D., Mason, D., Delphinus, E. M, McLellan, C.

A comparison of asynchronous and synchronous arm cranking during the wingate test

International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

Jayaraj,   R., Hales, B. J, Vieberg, L., Pizzuto, S., Holt, D. C, Rolland, J. M, O'Hehir,   R., Currie, B. J, Walton, S.

A diagnostic test for scabies: IgE specificity for a recombinant allergen of Sarcoptes scabies

Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease

Reed,   D. L, Currier, R. W, Walton, S., Conrad, M., Sullivan, S. A, Carlton, J. M,   Read, T. D, Severini, A., Tyler, S., Eberle, R., Johnson, W. E, Silvestri,   G., Clarke, I. N, Largergard, T., Lukehart, S. A, Unemo, M., Shafer, W. M,   Palmer Beasley, R.

The evolution of infectious agents in relation to sex in animals and humans:   brief discussions of some individual organisms

New York Academy of Sciences. Annals

Lovell,   D., Mason, D., Delphinus, E. M, McLellan, C.

Do Compression Garments Enhance the Active Recovery Process after High-Intensity Running?

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Masters, N. M, Wiegand, A. N, Ahmed, W., Katouli, M.

Escherichia coli virulence genes profile of surface waters as an indicator of water quality

Water Research

Rivers,   C. J, Walton, S.

A missed opportunity: understanding community stakeholders' perspectives

Australasian Journal of Environmental Management

Ahmed,   W., Hodgers, L., Masters, N., Sidhu, J. P, Katouli, M., Toze, S.

Occurrence of Intestinal and Extraintestinal Virulence Genes in Escherichia coli Isolates from Rainwater Tanks in Southeast Queensland, Australia

Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Russell,   F. D, Windegger, T. M, Hamilton, K. D, Cheetham, N.

Effect of the novel wound healing agent, OPAL A on leukotriene B4 production in human neutrophils and 5-lipoxygenase activity

Wound Practice and Research

Wood,   R. E, Wishart, C., Walker, P., Askew, C. D, Stewart, I. B

Plasma ATP concentration and venous oxygen content in the forearm during dynamic handgrip exercise

BMC Physiology

Lee, J. B, Sutter, K. J, Askew, C. D, Burkett, B. J

Identifying symmetry in running gait, using a single inertial sensor

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Schneider, S., Brummer, V., Abel, T., Askew, C. D, Struder, H. K

Changes in brain cortical activity measured by EEG are related to individual exercise preferences

Physiology and Behaviour

Schneider, S., Askew, C. D, Diehl, J., Mierau, A., Kleinert, J., Abel,   T., Carnahan, H., Struder, H. K

EEG activity and mood in health orientated runners after different exercise intensities

Physiology and Behaviour

Mierau, A., Schneider, S., Abel, T., Askew, C. D, Werner, S., Struder,   H. K

Improved sensorimotor adaptation after exhaustive exercise is accompanied by altered brain activity

Physiology and Behaviour

Schneider, S., Askew, C. D, Brummer, V., Kleinert, J., Guardiera, S.,   Abel, T., Struder, H. K

The effect of parabolic flight on perceived physical, motivational and psychological state in men and women: Correlation with neuroendocrine stress parameters and electrocortical activity


Vaile,   J., O'Hagan, C., Stefanovic, B. M, Walker, M. A, Gill, N., Askew, C. D

Effect of cold water immersion on repeated cycling performance and limb blood flow

British Journal of Sports Medicine

Wheeler,   K., Askew, C. D, Sayers, M. G

Effective attacking strategies in rugby union

European Journal of Sport Science

Schneider, S., Askew, C. D, Abel, T., Struder, H. K

Exercise,   music, and the brain: Is there a central pattern generator?

Journal of Sports Sciences

Schneider, S., Askew, C. D, Abel, T., Mierau, A., Struder, H. K

Brain and Exercise: A First Approach Using Electro Tomography

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Brummer, V., Schneider, S., Struder, H. K, Askew, C. D

Primary motor cortex activity is elevated with incremental exercise intensity


Hamilton,   K., Brooks, P., Holmes, M. A, Cunningham, J., Russell, F. D

Evaluation of the composition of omega-3 fatty acids in dietary oil supplements

Nutrition and Dietetics

Lu, N.,   Zhao, L., Du, Q., Liu, Y., Oprescu, F., Morcumende, J. A

From Cutting to Casting: Impact and Initial Barriers to the Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Treatment in China

Iowa Orthopaedic Journal

Desai,   L., Oprescu, F., DiMeo, A., Morcumende, J. A

Bracing in the Treatment of Children with Clubfoot: Past, Present and Future

Iowa Orthopaedic Journal

Wallis,   A., Brinzaniuc, A., Oprescu, F., Chereches, R. M, Muresan, M., Dungy, C. I

A Structured Public Health Approach to Increasing Rates and Duration of Breastfeeding in Romania

Breastfeeding Medicine

Dunn,   P. K, Richardson, A., McDonald, C., Oprescu, F., Fairweather, H.

Instructor Perceptions of Using a Mobile Phone-Based, Free Classroom Response System in First-Year Statistics Undergraduate Courses: Implications for Teaching Practice

Volcanic Delta 2011: The Eighth Southern Hemisphere Conference on Teaching and Learning Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics

Boardman,   A., Jayawardena, A., Oprescu, F., Cook, T., Morcuende, J. A

The Ponseti Method in Latin America: Initial Impact and Barriers to its Diffusion and Implementation

Iowa Orthopaedic Journal

Jayawardena,   A., Boardman, A., Cook, T., Oprescu, F., Morcuende, J. A

Diffusion of Innovation: Enhancing the Dissemination of the Ponseti Method in Latin America through Virtual Forums

Iowa Orthopaedic Journal

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