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About Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit

Our aim

The Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit aims to understand, prevent and respond to sexual violence and abuse at a local, national and international level.

The Unit brings together a community of academics, government and non-government industry partners, and students with a shared interest in sexual violence and abuse prevention practice and research. Collectively, the work of the Unit aims to reduce victimisation and address perpetration through innovative and evidence-based knowledge and practice. The Unit will disseminate research to industry professionals and to the broader community, bridging the gap between research and practice.

Join us

The Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit connects national and international researchers who are committed to establishing knowledge and evidence to understand, prevent and respond to sexual violence and abuse. As a group, we value respect, integrity, innovation, diversity and perseverance. If this is a team you would like to join as a staff member, external academic, government or non-government professional, student, volunteer or visitor then we are interested in hearing from you.


Interested in becoming an affiliated member of the Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit?

Please complete the membership application form on this page.

Core Members: Core members of the SVRPU are 'research active' USC academic staff, directly contributing to the unit's research performance. Core member contributions include: 

  • A minimum of one publication per year relevant to the SVRPU research agenda.


  • External grant funding relevant to the SVRPU research agenda; and / or
  • Supervision of a HDR student undertaking a research relevant to the SVPRU research agenda.

Associate Members:  Associate members of the SVRPU include USC staff making a contribution to the SVRPU but who do not meet the criteria for Core Membership.

Adjunct Members: Adjunct members include external national or international academics, working in this field in collaboration with USC to advance the SVRPU research agenda.

Professional Members: Professional members currently working in relevant industry positions.

Student Members: Students undertaking Honours or Higher Degree Research studies to the SVRPU

Study with us

Not sure where to start?

At USC there are multiple pathways into a research program. To explore options visit Research students.

You can also contact the co-leaders of Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit via SVRPU@usc.edu.au for guidance on what specific projects within the Unit might suit your research interests.

Potential research topics

Research  projects are available for honours and HDR students (from a range of disciplines) in the following areas: 


  • Understanding onset and progression of child sexual abuse
  • Female sexual offending 
  • Youth sexual violence and abuse
  • Online sexual offending trajectories
  • Victimology of sexual abuse
  • Understanding endemic sexual violence


  • Contextual and place-based prevention models
  • Situational prevention of child sexual abuse
  • Child-safe organisations
  • Bystander interventions and sexual assault


  • Assessment and treatment of youth and adults who sexually abuse
  • Evaluation of sexual offender rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Sentencing of child sexual offenders
  • Attrition of sexual abuse cases
  • Responding to sexual violence and abuse in Indigenous communities
Interested in research? 

You may be interested in enrolling in an Honours program at USC. You can enrol for a year full-time or for two years part time. For further information go to Honours applications

You may be interested in enrolling in a Masters or Doctorate research program. Further information can be found at HDR Applicants

Whether enrolling in an Honours, Masters or Doctoral program you will need to identify a potential supervisor. We suggest you have a look at our members in the Unit and identify an appropriate person who may align with your research interests. It is recommended that you send a copy of your CV, a brief summary of your work experience history, and research interests. If you are unsure of which academic to approach feel free to email SVRPU@usc.edu.au with CV and short statement to obtain advice from the Unit's co-leaders regarding suitable mentors within the Unit who may be available to support your research aspirations.

Current research students

For current HDR students helpful information to support you in your program are located at HDR Candidature and through Student Blackboard / Research and Research Training / Graduate Research Studies Management 

Our student scholarship opportunities

If there are no opportunities listed, visit USC scholarships for more guidance on funding sources. (Filter Scholarships by Study level / Postgraduate - research)

Job opportunities

At USC, in the Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit we are looking for dynamic and flexible people to join our team.

There are currently no opportunities available.

For more opportunities across USC visit USC current vacancies.

SVRPU Membership application

All membership applications will be considered at our monthly leadership meeting.