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Researchers in the Sexual Violence Research and Prevention Unit partner with government, industry, and community organisations on a range of projects to understand, prevent and respond to this complex problem at a national and international level.

Externally funded grants

Chief Investigators



Project Title

Administering Institution

Rayment-McHugh(project leader), McKillop, Bennett, Christensen, & Campbell


 Queensland Corrective Services


Re-write the Sexual Offending Program Indigenous Males (SOPIM) including Practice Guidelines and a training package for staff delivering the Program

USC Australia

Rayment-McHugh, McKillop, Christensen


Life Without Barriers


Enhancing risk assessment for preventing child sexual abuse: An evaluation of Life Without Barriers 'train-the-trainer' program

USC Australia

Rayment-McHugh, Christensen (co-leaders), McKillop, Moritz,Burton,Jones, Prenzler, Lacey & Edwards, in partnership with Queensland Police Service



Australian Institute of Criminology


'LEADing evidence-informed Child Exploitation Material (CEM) Reduction.'

USC Australia 

Christensen, Rayment-McHugh, McKillop


Queensland Police Service

2019 'What Works' in Policing: Managing Child Sex Offenders in the Community USC Australia
McKillop, Rayment-McHugh, Christensen, Prenzler


Queensland Corrective Services Grant Scheme

2018-2019 The effectiveness of sexual and violent offender rehabilitation and reintegration programs: integrating global and local perspectives to enhance correctional outcomes USC Australia
McKillop, Rayment-McHugh


Queensland Corrective Services

2018 Evaluation framework for therapeutic interventions delivered within a forensic context USC Australia 



The Benevolent Society


Examination of the Benevolent Society’s ‘child-safe, child-friendly’ risk management framework: Recommendations for enhanced practice

USC Australia 



Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women


A short-term outcome evaluation of the Bravehearts Turning Corners program

USC Australia 



Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships


Neighbourhoods Project

Griffith University

Smallbone, Rayment-McHugh, Smith, Allard, Stewart, Homel, Wortley, Tilley, Findlater


Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet



Evidence informed prevention of youth perpetrated sexual violence & abuse: ‘Realist’ implementation and evaluation at two sites

Griffith University

McKillop, Rayment-McHugh, Smallbone


Australian Institute of Criminology


Understanding and preventing the onset of child sexual abuse in adolescence and adulthood

Griffith University

Smallbone, Rayment-McHugh, Smith


Department of Premier & Cabinet


Preventing youth sexual violence and abuse in two Indigenous communities

Griffith University

Internally funded grants

Chief Investigators Income Years Project Title Administering Institution
McKillop, Burton, Patterson Hobbs, Christensen, Rayment-McHugh


Research Collaboration Grant

2018-2020 Sentencing disparities for female and male sexual offending in Queensland: Do they exist, and what is the impact?  (RG18/03) USC Australia
McKillop, Brown, Labhardt, Jones


Research Collaboration Grant

2016- 2018 Comparison of UK and Australian, students and offenders, experiences of unintended exposure to indecent images online and online pornography use (RCG16/02). Prevention of sexual violence and abuse in online and offline contexts (RCG18/02) USC Australia