NVivo support overview - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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NVivo support overview

USC offers a range of support to NVivo users, including:

For information about NVivo, visit the QSR International website.

Online course

Fundamentals of NVivo for Mac and Windows

This online course runs over a one-week period and combines flexible self-paced study with virtual interaction with an experienced facilitator and class peers.
To participate in this online course, participants must have access to a computer equipped with high speed Internet access. A USB headset with a microphone is preferred for optimum sound quality. However, external speakers and a microphone may also be used.

For further information and access to the course, please go to Research Essentials in 'Research and Research Training' on Blackboard (USC login required).

NVivo Toolkit

With the help of NVivo, Dr Maureen O’Neill completed her PhD at USC in 2013. Using her PhD study "High Performance school-aged athletes at Australian Schools: A study of conflicting demands" as an example, Dr O’Neill describes four steps of analysis that she used with NVivo to deliver rigorous, reliable findings. By applying the steps set out in this toolkit to your own research, you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate rigour in your data analysis to the level required in a higher degree study. Download Dr O'Neill's NVivo Toolkit now!