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Professor Steven Underhill and research students in Fiji assessing food quality
Enhancing fruit quality

Better food security, increased market opportunities and improved livelihoods for Pacific Island producers and subsistence farmers are among the aims of a major project being led by USC’s Professor of Horticulture Steven Underhill, with support from Dr Yuchan Zhou and Dr Lila Singh-Peterson.

Fiji sea wall
Past, present and future impacts of sea-level changes

During his 25 years at the University of the South Pacific, USC’s Professor of Geography Patrick Nunn developed a special interest in how past sea-level changes impacted on societal evolution in island contexts.

Fiji's pearl industry relies on community based spat collecton
Sustainable tropical aquaculture

USC’s Professor of Sustainable Tropical Aquaculture, Paul Southgate, has conducted research in the Pacific for over 20 years and combines science, economics and social science to develop industries and programs that are profitable, sustainable and culturally appropriate.

He currently leads eight major research projects with over $9 million funding from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).