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CoastSnapQld beach monitoring

Share your photos to help us monitor and manage our dynamic coast.

Digital community beach monitoring

Beach erosion and recovery is a key issue for coastal regions across Australia. To understand the impact of changing wave conditions and storms, we need to monitor and track how the coastline changes over time.

That’s where citizen scientists like you come in. Using the photo-point fixture at the southern end of Alexandra Headland beach, you can capture images of the coastline with your mobile device and share these with USC scientists.

Your photos will be used to accurately measure beach changes and establish a long-term record of shoreline position, which will help us study beach erosion and recovery cycles and better understand coastal dynamics. Over time, the CoastSnap community beach monitoring database will provide new insights and better help communities understand and manage our dynamic coast.

CoastSnapQld is a partnership between Sunshine Coast Council and USC, and builds on the successful establishment of community beach monitoring photo-point fixtures at Manly Beach (South Steyne) and Noth Narrabeen Beach by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Water Research Laboratory (UNSW Sydney) and Northern Beaches Council.

Can I access the photos?

View CoastSnapQld photos submitted by other citizen scientists on the CoastSnapQLD Facebook page or CoastSnapQld Instagram profile. You do not require a Facebook or Instagram account to view submitted photos.

We will process your CoastSnapQld community beach monitoring photos and upload time-lapse images and other processed outputs periodically.


How do I get snapping?

Visit a community beach monitoring photo-point fixture with your mobile device and follow these steps:

  1. Carefully mount your mobile device on the CoastSnap photo-point fixture, with the screen facing you.
  2. Ensure your mobile device is resting against the left side of the photo-point fixture.
  3. Take a standard photo with your mobile device’s camera (no zoom or filter effects).
  4. Carefully remove your mobile device from the photo-point fixture.
  5. Share your CoastSnap photos, including the date and time each photo was taken, so we can use them for beach monitoring data.

Post your photo (including the date and time the photo was taken) on the CoastSnapQLD Facebook page. (Please note: other users will be able to see your shared photos).


Share your photo in Instagram (including the date and time the photo was taken) and tag the CoastSnapQld Instagram account (@coastsnapqld) in your post. (Note: you will need a public Instagram profile for us to view your photo).


Email your photos, including the date and time each photo was taken, to:


Where can I take CoastSnap photos?

Find the CoastSnapQld photo-point fixture opposite the Alexandra Headland skate park on Alexandra Parade.

Send us your photos using the hashtag #CoastSnapMaroochy