Dr Christine King - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Dr Christine King

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Christine King is the Director of C-King Community, a consultancy role where she applies her extensive knowledge to the design and implementation of research and development projects. Prior to this, Christine was a Senior Lecturer (Extension and Change Management) at the University of Queensland, where she was responsible for the ‘Extension and Change Management’ program for the Bachelor of Agriculture and Master of Agriculture degrees. Christine has also undertaken several senior public sector research positions, including the Principal Innovation and Development Specialist for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries from 2002 to 2004, and the Extension Development Officer for the Department of Natural Resources from 1996 to 2000.


PhD, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Post-graduate Diploma of Rural Development, Qld; BSc (Psychology), S.Qld; Bachelor of Agricultural Science, S.Qld.

Research areas
  • Rural and Remote Health
  • Vulnerable groups (youth, women, indigenous, disabilities)
  • Poverty Alleviation and Food Security
  • Environmental Management
  • Climate change and Sustainability
  • Australian Farming Systems Global Award for her contribution to farming systems research and development world-wide (2005)
  • International Farming Systems Association Award for contribution to the association (2003)
  • The Research and Development Award and the Environment Award (nominations), Queensland Primary Industries Achievement Awards (2001)
  • Sir Edward Dunlop Memorial Award Finalist and runner-up for ‘addressing poverty alleviation, inequity and disadvantaged communities’ (2000)
  • Future Leader: National Queen’s Trust Award for redressing disadvantage in Australia and India and ‘showing admirable qualities in the pursuit of excellence and leadership’ (1999)
Key Research Publications

Buikstra, E, Rogers-Clark, C, Ross, H, Hegney, D, King, C, Baker, P & McLachlan, K (2011) ‘Ego-resilience and psychological wellness in rural communities’ in M Cleinski & K Gow (eds) Continuity versus Creative Response to Challenge: The Primacy of Resilience and Resourcefulness in Life and Therapy (pp. 273-290), Nova, New York.

Williams, B, King, C & Edlington, T (2015) ‘Overcoming difficult conversations in clinical supervision’, Journal of Healthcare Leadership, vol 8, pp. 31-40.

Palaniappan, G, King, C & Cameron, D (2010) ‘Understanding Why Farmers make Transitions to Alternate Farming: A Dialectic Study from Australia and India’, Indian Journal of Agricultural Extension, vol. 10(3), pp. 100-106.

Stephens, A, King, C & Jacobson, C (2010) ‘Exploring FST principles in community development: the ‘carrot on a stick’ early health intervention programme’, International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, vol. 10.

King, C & Cruickshank, M (2010) ‘Building capacity to engage: community engagement or government engagement?’, Community Development Journal: An International Forum, vol. 47(1), pp. 5-28.

Hegney, D, Ross, H, Baker, P, Rogers-Clark, C, King, C, Buikstra, E, Watson-Luke, A & Stallard, L (2008) Identification of personal and community resilience that enhances psychological wellness: A Stanthorpe Study, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.

King, C & Jiggins, J (2002) ‘A Systemic Model and Theory for Facilitating Social Learning’, in C Leeuwis & R Pyburn (eds) Wheelbarrows full of frogs: Social learning in rural resource management. International Research and Reflections, Chapter 5, (pp. 85-104), Royal van Gorcum, Assen.

King, C (2000) ‘Systemic Processes for Facilitating Social Learning: Challenging the Legacy’. Issue 233 of Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae: Agraria, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet Uppsala.

Contact Dr Christine King via email SoSSAdmin@usc.edu.au.