Professor David Chittleborough - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Professor David Chittleborough

Adjunct Professor

Professor David Chittleborough is an Adjunct Professor of Pedology and Biogeochemistry with the University of Adelaide, and prior to his adjunct appointment, was the Professor of Pedology. During his time at the University of Adelaide, David was also the Director of the Water Research Cluster and Acting Head of School of Earth and Environment Sciences. David’s research interests are in the areas of soil and environmental science, with pursuits in reafforestation, soil biogenesis, nanoparticles in the environment and ecohydrology.


PhD, Adel.; Master of Agriculture Science, Adel.

Teaching areas
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Hydropedology
  • Paleopedology
  • Pedology
Research areas
  • Soil and environmental science
  • Soil management on water quality
  • Reafforestation
  • Ecohydrology
  • Soil biogenesis
  • Member, International Hydropedology Conference 2020 Working Group
Key Research Publications

Reith, F, Verboom, W, Pate, J & Chittleborough, D (2019) ‘Collaborative involvement of woody plant roots and rhizosphere microorganisms in formation of pedogenetic clays’, Annals of Botany XX: vol. 1–12, 2019

Marshall, J, Muhlack, R, Morton, B, Dunnigan, L, Chittleborough, D & Kwong, C (2019) ‘Pyrolysis temperature effects on biochar-water interactions and application for improved water holding capacity in vineyard soils’, Soil Systems vol. 3(27).

Marshall, J, Morton, B, Muhlack, R, Chittleborough, D & Kwong, C (2017) ‘Recovery of phosphate from calcium-containing aqueous solution resulting from biochar-induced calcium phosphate precipitation’, Journal of Cleaner Production, vol.165, pp. 27-35.

Steggles, E, Holland, K, Chittleborough, D, Doudle, S, Clarke, L, Watling, J & Facelli, J (2016) ‘The potential for deep groundwater use by Acacia papyrocarpa (Western myall) in a water-limited environment’, Ecohydrology, vol. 10.

Awad, J, van Leeuwen, J, Chow, C, Drikas, M, Smernik, R, Chittleborough, D & Bestland, E (2016) ‘Characterization of dissolved organic matter for prediction of trihalomethane formation potential in surface and sub-surface Waters’, Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol. 308, pp. 430-439.

Bestland, E, Liccioli, C, Soloninka, L, Chittleborough, D & Fink, D (2016) ‘Catchment-scale denudation and chemical erosion rates determined from 10Be and mass balance geochemistry (Mt Lofty Ranges of South Australia)’, Geomorphology, vol. 270, pp. 40-54.

Fraser, M, Churchman, G, Chittleborough, D & Rengasamy, P (2016) ‘Effect of plant growth on the occurrence and stability of palygorskite, sepiolite and saponite in salt-affected soils on limestone in South Australia’, Applied Clay Science, vol. 124-125, pp. 183-196.

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