Professor Ken Hughey - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Professor Ken Hughey

Adjunct Professor

Professor Ken Hughey is the Chief Science Advisor for the Department of Conservation in Wellington. Ken is also a Professor of Environmental Management at Lincoln University. Ken’s research focuses on the sustainable management of wetland systems and conservation and environment. Ken’s research achievements over the last five years have resulted in the collaborative development of a reporting framework, built on the Pressure, Driving Force, State and Response model, for lowland lake systems in Te Waihora.


PhD, University of Canterbury; Tch Coll Dipl, Christchurch College of Education; Master of Science, University of Canterbury; Bachelor of Arts (Geography and American History), University of Canterbury.

  • Chair, Te Waihora-Lake Ellesmere biennial Living Lake Symposium(s) organising committee(s)
  • Member, Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee for the Canterbury Water Management Strategy
  • Member, Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Member, Geographical Society of NZ
  • Member, Waihora Ellesmere Trust Board
  • Member, Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand, MEIANZ
Key Research Publications

Hughey, K, Jacobson, C & Smith, E (2017) ‘A framework for comparing collaborative management of Australian and New Zealand water resources’, Ecology and Society, vol. 22(4), pp. 28.

Nagy, B, Mohsan, M, Hughey, K (2017) ‘Flood Frequency analysis for a braided river catchment in New Zealand: Comparing annual maximum and partial duration series with varying record lengths’, Journal of Hydrology, vol. 547, pp. 365-374.

Carusak, R, Becken, S, Hughey, K (2016) ‘Exploring Values, Drivers and Barriers as Antecedents of Implementing Responsible Tourism’, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.

Hapuarachichi, A, Hughey, K & Rennie, H (2016) ‘Effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in addressing development-induced disasters: A comparison of the EIA processes of Sri Lanka and New Zealand’, Natural Hazards, vol. 81(1), pp. 423-445.

Hughey, K & Becken, S (2016) ‘Value-engaged evaluation of a tourism-specific disaster management plan’, Tourism Management Perspectives, vol. 19, part A, pp. 69–73.

Kerr, G, Hughey, K & Cullen, R (2016) ‘Ethnic and Immigrant Differences in Environmental Values and Behaviors. Society and Natural Resources’, vol. 29(11), pp. 1280-1295.

Hughey, K & Becken, S (2014) ‘Understanding climate coping as a basis for strategic climate change adaptation – the case of Queenstown-Lake Wanaka, New Zealand’, Global Environmental Change. Global Environmental Change, vol. 27, pp. 68–179.

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