Angela Mallette - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Angela Mallette

Originally from Canada, Angela completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2015 and her Bachelor of Education in 2016 from Bishop’s University. Angela then went on to study at Brock University at the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. Her research primarily focused on the intersections of the social and ecological dimensions of parks and protected areas, but other research activities included environmental stewardship and water resilience. After receiving her Master of Sustainability in 2019, Angela went on to work as a research assistant for a climate change adaptation planning project in the Niagara region of Canada before beginning her study at USC in 2020.

Angela’s research will focus on the social aspects of climate change adaptation strategies. Specifically, she will look at how residents of coastal communities conceptualise adaptation strategies, how this might vary across diverse groups in the community, and whether there is flexibility in these perspectives. She will be based in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, but will compare Australian and Canadian cases.