Miguel Frohlich - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Miguel Frohlich

Miguel F. Frohlich is an environmental planner and lawyer with over 12 years of experience working in the private and academic sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law, a graduate diploma in environmental studies, and a master’s degree in environmental engineering. Supported by the Australian Government through a Research Training Program Scholarship, he is currently undertaking a PhD at USC focussing on how legal frameworks for coastal management can influence the adoption of adaptive management approaches. His main research interests are governance and management of social-ecological systems, in particular, knowledge gaps in the fields of environmental planning, environmental law and policy, coastal management, climate change adaptation, and sustainability. In addition to his academic efforts, Miguel has worked in a variety of interdisciplinary positions at private companies responsible for large infrastructure and energy projects (such as the Port of Açu Industrial Complex, located in an area of 130km² in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), environmental consulting firms, and top-tier law firms. His professional expertise includes strategic and legal advice on issues related to (a) environmental and regulatory approvals and permits; (b) environmental impact assessment; (c) policy and legal reform; (d)  environmental due diligence; (e) social and environmental management systems; (f) corporate social responsibility; (g) environmental and social risk management based on standards adopted by financial institutions (such as the Equator Principles and the IFC Performance Standards); (h) environmental litigation and stakeholder conflict/negotiation; (i) public participation and consultation processes; (j) sustainability, conservation and climate change projects and initiatives; and (k) voluntary and mandatory environmental and social programs. He is currently a partner (on study leave) at Saes, a Brazilian boutique environmental law firm.