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Current HDR students

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Name Project title  Supervisors Email 
William Douglas The poor love principle: mythic metanarrative in transrealist futures fiction Dr Marcus Bussey and Dr Ginna Brock
Martyn Eliott Economic evaluation of prescribed fire as a bushfire risk mitigation tool in Southeast Queensland Dr Sanjeev Srivastava
Christopher Evans Patterns of Migration in the South Pacific Prof Patrick Nunn & A/Prof Harriot Beazley 
Ellie Falatoonitoosi Assessment of sustainability effects on a tourism destination through development of a comprehensive indicators system Prof Willem Selen, A/Prof Don Kerr and Dr Vikki Schaffer
Leigh Franks Precise age determination of Indigenous Australian stories: examples of maar lake formation in Queensland Prof Patrick Nunn
Miguel F. Frohlich Towards adaptive coastal management law: lessons from Australia and Brazil Prof Timothy Smith, Prof Claudia Baldwin, Dr Pedro Fidelman, Dr Chris Jacobson and Prof Bill Carter
Francisco Felipe Gelves-Gomez Vivid natures: Disrupting the human/Nature divide in adaptive co-management for protected areas Prof Jennifer Carter, Prof Ruth Beilin (The University of Melbourne) and Dr Shannon Brincat.
Justine Grogan Does prior knowledge matter? Exploring how prior study and informal learning affects the study of compulsory tertiary Indigenous Studies Prof Jen Carter
Melanie Harris Opportunities for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) to Climate Change on Tropical Islands: An example from the Palau Islands, Northwest Pacific Ocean Prof Patrick Nunn
Keeley Hartzer The Development of a Scheme for Sustainable Communities Based on a Renewable Energy Relay System in Queensland Dr Graham Ashford
Daniela Medina Hidalgo Climate change vulnerability and resilience: an assessment of the potential to achieve food and nutritional security in selected South Pacific countries Prof Patrick Nunn and A/Prof Harriot Beazley
Phillippa Huddleston The practicalities of managed retreat of critical infrastructure and the application of governance tools Prof Tim Smith, Prof Iain White, A/Prof Dana Thomsen and Dr Carmen Elrick-Barr
Bethany Kracke Volcanic geomythology in Java and its relevance as a disaster mitigation tool A/Prof Harriot Beazley and Prof Patrick Nunn
Iina Lohi How might we ensure that cultural and ecological landscapes can be adapted to current regional needs, thereby mapping out an evolutionary path for regional planning and urban design possibilities beyond a town plan? Prof Claudia Baldwin, Dr Silvia Garcia
Angela Mallette Catalysing change in approaches to climate change adaptation through concrete leverage points Prof Tim Smith, A/Prof Dana Thomsen, Prof Ryan Plummer, Dr Carmen Elrick-Barr
Neda Mardani Advances in real-time satellite monitoring of flow in rivers and streams Dr Adrian McCallum, Dr Helen Fairweather and Prof Roy Sidle
Lisa McIlwain What is resilient water governance? Building responsive and responsible resource governance in times of change and adversity Prof Claudia Baldwin, Prof Catherine Manathunga, Prof Gary Pickering, and Dr Julia Baird
Anna McKinlay Influences on dwelling size in Australia Prof Claudia Baldwin, A/Prof Heather Shearer and Prof Jen Carter
Hope O'Chin The contributions of Aboriginal art and education to the Identity of Australian Civil Society Prof Philip Graham & A/Prof Sandy O'Sullivan
Madeleine Page Local knowledge, communities and disaster management - a case study in South East Queensland Prof Jen Carter and Prof Patrick Nunn
Kerrie Pickering Wellbeing and connection to nature across two indigenous cultures Dr Tristan Pearce and Prof Tim Smith
Jonathan Raikes Disaster risk reduction and the Sustainable Development Goals: pre-disaster governance in Canada and Australia Prof Tim Smith, Prof Claudia Baldwin & Dr Christine Jacobson
Ann Robertson Personal futures and alternative healing therapies - values and agency at work in a Queensland regional community Dr Marcus Bussey and Dr Trudy Flynn
David Shirley Fostering Innovation for Sustainable Community Development: Aligning societal and technological initiatives in Papua Prof Rodney Carter and A/Prof Harriot Beazley
Marilyn Shrapnel Does the Land For Wildlife Programme act as a catalyst for change in private landholders 'attitudes, perceptions and behaviour towards conservation of the environment? Prof Claudia Baldwin and Dr Lee Kannis-Dymand
Delia Siivola Indigenous knowledge in protected areas management: adaptation, sustainability and opportunities in the Circumpolar North Prof Jen Carter
Traci Sudana Becoming a medicine man: an ethnography of growing up in post-reformasi Indonesia A/Prof Harriot Beazley and Prof Bill Carter
Lorraine Swan The impacts of climate change on local industry in the Sunshine Coast region Prof Helen Fairweather and Prof Claudia Baldwin
Simon van der Spoel Vikings: Historical authenticity and the production and consumption of post-modern neo-sagas in contemporary screen culture A/Prof Sandy O'Sullivan
Marguerite Westacott Curriculum for uncertainty: How can fear less curriculum be developed to meet the agency needs of the future? Dr Marcus Bussey
Sarah Windred Two sides of the story: The experiences and perspectives of child domestic workers and their employers in Bandung, Indonesia Dr Harriot Beazley, Prof Claudia Baldwin and Dr Richard Curtis