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Code of Conduct

As a UniSC Track and Field Academy athlete, you are required to:
  • Maintain communications about up-to-date sporting achievements and information via correspondence with Academy Program Staff. Contact:;
  • Respond to communications from the Academy Program Coordinator and coaching staff;
  • Advise the Academy Program Coordinator and/or coaching staff of absences from Physical Performance coaching and guided recovery sessions;
  • Pay program fees according to the USC Sport pricing schedule;
  • Provide a high-resolution sports related photograph that can be used online or in print publications by the university;
  • Abide by the UniSC Conditions of Entry when using UniSC sporting facilities (refer to the Conditions of Entry displayed at the gym facility entry);
We request that you (where possible):
  • Participate in and promote UniSC Academy programs;
  • Attend performance workshops and career and education advice seminars;
  • Consider invitations to participate in scientific research projects related to your sporting field.
As a member of the UniSC Academy Program, you agree to the following:
  • Upon request I will provide UniSC Academy with current, accurate information relating to my sport;
  • I will not abuse the support and privileges provided to me as an Academy Athlete;
  • I will demonstrate dignity and respect for others in all relations with fellow athletes and staff;
  • I will notify the Academy Program Coordinator of any changes in my sporting career that may affect my status as an Academy athlete;
  • I will notify the Academy Program Coordinator if my contact details change.

NOTE: Failure to comply with the conditions laid out in this agreement may result in invalidation of your Academy Athlete status at UniSC.