Associate Professor Andrew Olds

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Associate Professor Andrew Olds


Associate Professor, Animal Ecology ; Deputy Director, The Animal Research Centre and Theme Leader 'Conservation'

PhD Griff., BSc(Hons) Qld

+61 7 5456 5293
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Associate Professor Andrew Olds


Associate Professor Andrew Olds is an experienced marine ecologist with expertise in the fields of marine conservation, fisheries, spatial ecology and the impacts of global change on marine ecosystems. He has on-the-ground experience with conservation, fisheries and environmental management projects in tropical and subtropical estuaries and coastal waters, and has led multidisciplinary research teams in Australia and across the western Pacific.

Andrew's projects focus on three broad areas:

  1. seascape ecology and connectivity
  2. marine conservation planning and assessment
  3. disturbance ecology and the functioning of coastal ecosystems

Associate Professor Olds is a researcher as part of the USC Research Futures Project (CRN) - Water Sciences.


Publications for Associate Professor Andrew Olds are also available via Google scholar.

Selected publications

  1. Olds AD, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS, Babcock RC, Rissik D, Connolly RM (2014) Marine reserves help coastal ecosystems cope with extreme weather. Global Change Biology, Accepted 25/03/2014
  2. Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS, Aswani S, Albert S (2014) Incorporating surrogate species and seascape connectivity to improve marine conservation outcomes. Conservation Biology, DOI: 10.1111/cobi.12242
  3. Maxwell PS, Pitt KA, Burfeind DD, Olds AD, Babcock RC, Connolly RM (2014) Phenotypic plasticity promotes persistence following extreme events: physiological and morphological responses of seagrass to flooding. Journal of Ecology, 102:54-64
  4. Pittman SJ, Olds AD (2014) Seascape ecology of fishes on coral reefs. In: C. Mora (ed) Ecology of fishes on coral reefs. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Accepted 22/03/2014
  5. Gibbes B, Grinham A, Neil D, Olds A, Maxwell P, Connolly R, Weber T, Udy N, Udy J (2014) Moreton Bay and its estuaries: a sub-tropical system under pressure from rapid population growth. In: E. Wolanski (ed) Estuaries of Australia in 2050 and Beyond, Estuaries of the World. Springer, Dordrecht.
  6. Olds AD, Albert S, Maxwell PS, Pitt KA, Connolly RM (2013) Mangrove-reef connectivity promotes the effectiveness of marine reserves across the western Pacific. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 22:1040-1049
  7. Olds AD, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS, Connolly RM (2012) Synergistic effects of reserves and connectivity on ecological resilience. Journal of Applied Ecology, 49:1195-1203
  8. Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS (2012) Habitat connectivity improves reserve performance. Conservation Letters, 5:56-63
  9. Olds AD, Connolly RM, Pitt KA, Maxwell PS (2012) Primacy of seascape connectivity effects in structuring coral reef fish assemblages. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 462:191-203
  10. Skilleter GA, Olds AD, Loneragan NR, Zharikov Y (2005) The value of patches of intertidal seagrass to prawns depends on their proximity to mangroves. Marine Biology, 147:353-365
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