Professor Helen Wallace

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Professor Helen Wallace


Professor in Agricultural Ecology; Co Director, GeneCology Research Centre

PhD Qld., BSc(Hons) Qld.

+61 7 5430 1228
+61 7 5430 2887
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Professor Helen Wallace


Professor Helen Wallace's research is focused on the science of plant reproduction and entomology. Her interests include both theoretical and applied topics, including ecology, bee biology, forestry, horticulture and conservation.

Her research projects are diverse and include plant-insect interactions, bioactivity of plant and bee products, sustainable soil management, conservation of rare and threatened plants and landscape ecology. She also has a very strong industry focus and uses science to solve industry problems in areas such as plant breeding, pollination, fruit set, fruit and nut quality and postharvest processing of fruit and nut crops. She has expertise in drying, processing and quality of crops in the Pacific.

She has worked closely with many industries, for example  forestry, (Eucalyptus and Corymbia, canarium, agroforestry), horticulture (macadamia, citrus, avocado, custard apple) and has led many agricultural development projects in PNG and Pacific Island countries.

Selected research grants

Investigators and Title of Project Funding Body Amount
Wallace H, Xu C, Bai, S, Xu, Z. Collaboration with East China Normal University to boost subtropical planted forests carbon stock and timber. Project Leader

Australia China Group Mission


Wallace H, Rantes J, Johns C, Esparza C, Umberger W, Viji I 2012-2014 Improving processing and marketing to improve the Tamarind value chain in Vanuatu.Project Leader

ACIAR (PARDI) A$205,000
Wallace H, Carter J, Johns C, Jones K, Randall B, Raciti M, Viji I, McKenzie V, Pauku R 2012-2016 Developing markets and products for the PNG and Pacific Canarium nut industry. Project Leader ACIAR/ PARDI A$1,170,000
Underhill S, Stringer R, Prasad B, Bryceson K, Wallace H (Forestry component leader), Southgate P, Hine D, Sisifa A. 2010-2013 Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative (PARDI). ACIAR A$10,000,000

Wallace H, Trueman S, Lee D, Brawner J, Southerton S, Meder R, Dickinson G, Harding K, Karan M, Reilly D,Jones C, Waterman P 2009-2012.

Smart Forests Alliance Queensland. Project Leader
Smart State Innovation Projects Fund: NIRAP and Elders


Wallace H and Carter J. 2008-2012 Processing of Canarium indicum nuts: adapting and refining techniques to benefit farmers in the South Pacific. Project Leader

ACIAR A$652,000
Le Lagadec D, Wallace H, Walton D and O’Hare P Macadamia Kernel quality: Understanding brown centres and other kernel quality defects. Horticulture Australia A$85,000

Wallace, H, Waterman P, Fahey S, Roiko A. 2009-2010 Forest Vulnerability Assessment Work Package 1. Establish needs and consult with stakeholders. Project Leader

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility A$100,000
Wallace HM, Stokoe, R and Lee D. 2006-2009. Genetic variation of the vulnerable Eucalyptus argophloia, and its development for sustainable hardwood forestry in low rainfall areas. Project Leader ARC Linkage A$180,000
Wallace H, (Project Leader), Carter J, Jones K, Randall B, 2012-2016. Developing markets and products for the PNG Canarium nut industry ACIAR A$483,050


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