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Associate Professor Geoff Lovell

PhD Manc.Met, BSc(Hons) St Mary's College UK.


  • Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Deputy Chair University Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Chair First Year Experience Reference Group
+61 7 5456 5100
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Sunshine Coast
Associate Professor Geoff Lovell

Geoff Lovell is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Australia. Geoff has been with USC since 2009, having come from the UK Higher Education and performance sport sectors.

Geoff graduated from St. Mary’s College Twickenham UK in 1991 before taking a psychophysiology research scholar position at the Manchester Metropolitan University where he gained his sports psychology PhD in 1998.

After leaving Manchester, Geoff combined applied practice with academic positions first at Roehampton University London, then at Kingston University as the Principle Lecturer and Course Director for Sports Science. He then moved to the Gold Coast where he worked at Bond University as a part time Assistant Professor, and with Sport and Recreation Queensland as a Senior Adviser. Before taking a position at USC, he returned to the UK for two years as the Course Leader for the University of Gloucestershire’s Masters degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences and a sport and exercise psychology consultant at the Wimbledon Parkside Hospital in London.

Geoff recently progressed from Deputy Head of School, Social Sciences, to a University wide role of Deputy Chair of the University Learning and Teaching Committee, and Chair of the First Year Experience Reference Group with oversight across the University pertaining to first year students. In addition to these important leadership roles, Geoff also has extensive teaching, research, and engagement duties.

As a teacher Geoff has been recognized nationally as a recipient of the highly competitive OLT Citation from the Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching, recognising his 22 years of excellence in inspiring and motivating psychology and sports science students to actively engage in learning through enthusiastic, student-centred teaching practice. Through his passionate, enthusiastic and theoretically grounded teaching practice, Geoff actively engages students in the learning process. He has an extensive repertoire of real-world examples, data, case studies and stories drawn from his extensive experience in research, applied sports psychology and coaching at the elite level, with which he enlivens his classes and motivates his students to succeed in both their studies and professional lives. Geoff is also a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

Geoff is a strong and active researcher with over 65 peer reviewed journal articles and experience of successfully supervising numerous Higher Degree by Research (PhD) students. Geoff has experience in applied and theoretical research, as well as both qualitative and quantitative research design methodologies. Currently he is supervising several PhD and Master of Science by Research students.

Geoff is a registered psychologist and has attended numerous major international sporting championships as a member of national teams including Commonwealth, Paralympic, and Olympic Games. Most recently Geoff has been actively involved with Australian Swimming. Geoff is also engaged in providing sport psychology support to the USC High Performance Sport program, especially Swimming and Cycling.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Psychological Society
  • AHPRA registered Psychologist

  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy


  • University of the Sunshine Coast Disability Support Staff Appreciation Award 2017.

  • University of the Sunshine Coast Advance Award for Learning and Teaching 2016.
  • Vice-Chancellor and Presidents’ (University of the Sunshine Coast) Commendation for Excellence in Research 2016.
  • Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Australian Awards for University Teaching 2014; Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

  • University of the Sunshine Coast Advance Award for Learning and Teaching 2014.

Research grants

  • $3,000,000, 2018: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Enhancing livelihoods through Forest and Landscape Restoration.
  • $10,000, 2017: University of the Sunshine Coast, Faculty Research Collaboration Grant: Pacific personalities and Culture: How well do Pacific Island people fit the “Big Five” personality types (Principal Investigator).
  • $15,000, 2016: University of the Sunshine Coast, Commissioned Learning and Teaching Grant: Embedding Co-curricular Activities in the Curriculum to Enhance Graduate Employability of Social Work, Psychology and Counselling Students (Principal Investigator).

Recent HDR completions

Birkenhead, K. (2018). PhD: The independent and interactive relationship between physical activity and diet on telomere length in current ultra-endurance exercisers.

Buzza, G. L. (2018). PhD: The effect of short and long term aerobic training on exercise capacity and tissue oxygenation in young (18 - 30 yr) and older (40 - 60 yr) men and women.

Raymond, K. (2018). PhD: Food addiction, BMI, psychological well-being, and impulsivity among People with Diabetes. University of the Sunshine Coast (Principal Supervisor).

Caskey, J. (2017). PhD: When educational support is just not enough: Adult students diagnosed with dyslexia in technical and further education. University of the Sunshine Coast (co-supervisor).

Clacey, A. (2016). PhD: The ABCS of sport-related concussion in junior rugby union: An Analysis of Antecedents, Behaviours, Consequences, and Sociotechnical Systems. University of the Sunshine Coast (co-supervisor).

Selected 2018 publications

Birkenhead, K., Lovell, G. P., Barr, S. I., & Solomon, C. (2018). Changes in physical activity across the lifetime of current ultra-endurance exercisers. Journal of Physical Activity Research, 3, 11-19. doi:10.12691/jpar-3-1-3

Buzza, G., Lovell, G. P., Askew, C. D., &, Solomon, C. (2018). The effect of short and long term aerobic training years on systemic O2 utilization, and muscle and prefrontal cortex tissue oxygen extraction in young women. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000002512

Caskey, J., Innes, P., & Lovell, G. P. (2018). Making a difference: Dyslexia and social identity in educational contexts. Support for Learning, 33, 73-88. doi: 10.1111/1467-9604.12192

Craven, D. L., Lovell, G. P., Pelly, F. E., & Isenring, E. (2018). Community-living older adults’ perceptions of body weight, signs of malnutrition and sources of information: A descriptive analysis of survey data. The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, 22, 393-399.

Huntsman, A., Parker, J. K., and Lovell, G. P. (2018). A qualitative examination of a mothers’ swim program: What keeps them coming back and how does it improve their psychological wellbeing? International Journal of Women’s Health and Wellness, 4, 066.

Lastella, M., Lovell G. P., & Rampinini, E. (2018). Evaluation of goal scoring patterns between the 2016 Copa America and the 2016 European Championship. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, 9, 1-4.

Love, S., Kannis-Dymand, L., & Lovell, G. P. (2018). Metacognitions and Mindfulness in Athletes: An Investigation on the Determinants of Flow. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology.

Love, S., Kannis-Dymand, L., & Lovell, G. P. (2018). Metacognitions in triathletes: Associations with attention, state anxiety and relative performance. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 0, 1–16,

Way, K., Kannis-Dymand, L., Lastella, M., & Lovell, G. P. (2018). Mental Health Practitioners’ Reported Barriers to Prescription of Exercise for Mental Health Consumers. Mental Health and Physical Activity,

Research areas

  • Exercise, health, and wellbeing
  • Sport psychology
  • Exercise psychology
  • Sleep and human performance
  • Exercise and mental health
  • Obesity
  • Processed food addiction

Teaching areas

  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Professional Ethics in Psychology
  • Foundations of Human Behaviour

Associate Professor Geoff Lovell's specialist areas of knowledge include: Research Methods in Psychology, Physiological Psychology and Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology, Sport and exercise psychology, Mental imagery, Sleep and human performance, Exercise and mental health, Resilience, Youth talent development programs

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