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Dr Ben Gilby

PhD Griff., BSc(Hons) Qld

  • Lecturer, Animal Ecology (Moreton Bay)
+61 7 5430 2891
Office location
MB A.1.83, USC Moreton Bay
Moreton Bay
Ben Gilby


Ben is a marine ecologist with expertise in the fields of ecological restoration, conservation biology, fish biology and ecology, and fisheries.

His research focuses on optimising the ways in which we manage, conserve, and restore ecosystems for greatest ecological, social and economic outcomes.

Ben’s aim is to disentangle the multiple sources of ecosystem variability and disturbance, with a view to optimising ecosystem management, restoration and conservation in multiple settings.


Selected publications

  1. Gilby, B. L., Olds, A. D., Henderson, C. J., Ortodossi, N. L., Connolly, R. M., Schlacher, T. A. (2019). Landscape context modifies how fish respond to restored oyster reefs. ICES Journal of Marine Science.
  2. Ortodossi, N. L., Gilby, B. L., Schlacher, T. A., Connolly, R. M., Olds, A. D. (2019). Seascape connectivity and reserve characteristics shapes reserve performance on exposed coastlines. Conservation Biology.
  3. Gilby, B. L., Olds, A. D., Connolly, R. M., Henderson, C. J., Olds, A. D., Schlacher, T. A. (2018). Spatial restoration ecology: placing restoration in a landscape context. Bioscience 68, 1007–1019.
  4. Gilby, B. L., Olds, A. D., Peterson, C. H., Connolly, R. M., Voss, C. M., Bishop, M. J., Elliott, M., Grabowski, J. H., Ortodossi, N. L., Schlacher, T. A. (2018). Maximising benefits of oyster reef restoration for fish and their fisheries. Fish and Fisheries 19, 931-947.
  5. Gilby, B. L., Olds, A. D., Connolly, R. M., Maxwell, P. S., Schlacher, T. A. (2018). Seagrass meadows shape fish assemblages across estuarine seascapes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 588, 179-189.
  6. Henderson, C. J., Lee, S. Y., Gilby, B. L., Stevens, T. (2017). Spatial conservation of large mobile elasmobranchs requires an understanding of spatio-temporal seascape utilisation. ICES Journal of Marine Science 75, 553-561.
  7. Gilby, B. L., Olds, A. D., Yabsley, N. A., Connolly, R. M., Maxwell, P. S., Tibbetts, I. R., Schlacher, T. A. (2017). Enhancing the performance of marine reserves in estuaries; just add water. Biological Conservation 210, 1-7.
  8. Olds, A. D., Vargas-Fonseca, E., Connolly, R. M., Gilby, B. L., Huijbers, C., M., Hyndes, G. A., Layman, C. A., Whitfield, A. K., Schlacher, T. A. (2017). The ecology of fish in the surf zones of ocean beaches: a global review. Fish and Fisheries 19, 78-89.
  9. Gilby, B. L., Olds, A. D., Stevens, T., Connolly, R. M., Henderson, C. J., Maxwell, P. S., Tibbetts, I. R., Schoeman, D. S., Schlacher, T. A. (2016). Optimising land-sea management for inshore coral reefs. PLoS One 11, e164934.
  10. Gilby, B. L., Maxwell, P. S., Tibbetts, I. R., Stevens, T. (2015). Bottom-up drivers for algal productivity outweigh no-fishing marine protected area effects in marginal reef systems. Ecosystems 18, 1056-1069.

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Research areas

  • Marine ecology
  • Ecological restoration
  • Conservation biology
  • Fish and fisheries biology and ecology

Teaching areas

  • Marine ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Environmental management
  • Statistics

Dr Ben Gilby's specialist areas of knowledge include marine ecology, fish biology, marine ecosystem management and conservation.

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