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Dr Ipek Kurtböke

BSc METU(Ankara), PhD Liv.

  • Senior Lecturer, Environmental Microbiology
+61 7 5430 2819
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Sunshine Coast
Dr Ipek Kurtböke

Dr Ipek Kurtböke has been working in the field of Biodiscovery since 1982 and has been associated with the international actinomycete research community for over 36 years.

Her most significant contribution to the field has been the development of a novel isolation technique that selectively cultures rare actinomycetes with industrial importance.

She received CNR (1984, Italy), NATO-Double Jump (1986), British Council (1988-89) fellowships in Europe and was Honorary Research Fellow of the Antarctic CRC at the University of Tasmania (1999-2002).

Her expertise in the microbial culture collections and their sustainable use for biotechnology links her to the World Federation for Culture Collections and is currently serving as the President of the Federation (2017-2020).

Since joining the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2001, she has developed undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs in the field of applied microbiology and biotechnology, as well as conducting research in environmental, biomedical, agricultural and food microbiology. She has also created a microbial library as a resource for teaching and research purposes. Library contains diverse and bioactive actinomycetes and bacteriophages.

She is currently part of the Expert Roundtable on acceptance and re-implementation of bacteriophage therapy.

  • Expert round table on acceptance and re-implementation of bacteriophage therapy; Sybesma, W.; Rohde, C.; Bardy, P.; Pirnay, J.-P.; Cooper, I.; Caplin, J.; Chanishvili, N.; Coffey, A.; De Vos, D.; Scholz, A.H.; McCallin, S.; Püschner, H.M.; Pantucek, R.; Aminov, R.; Doškař, J. and Kurtbӧke, D.İ. (2018). Silk Route to the Acceptance and Re-Implementation of Bacteriophage Therapy—Part II. Antibiotics, 7, 35

She also takes part in the WDCM-Global Catalogue of microorganisms 10K type strain sequencing project.

Professional memberships

  • Australian Microbial Resources Research Network (AMRRN) (Founding member)
  • Turkish Society for Microbiology
  • Australasian Plant Pathology Society
  • Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (USA) 
  • Australian Society of Microbiology
  • The Society for Actinomycetes Japan 
  • Society for General Microbiology (UK)

Selected publications

Dr Ipek Kurtböke is Chair of the Editorial Board of Microbiology Australia official journal of the Australian Society for Microbiology. She is also an Editorial Board Member of the Molecular Diversity Preservation International Journals: Marine Drugs and Diversity and guest editor of the following issues:

  • Kurtböke D.I. (Guest Ed.) (2018). Diversity of Marine Invertebrate and Seaweed Symbiotic Bacteria. Special issue for Diversity (ISSN 1424-2818).
  • Kurtböke D.I. (Guest Ed.) (2018). Marine Natural products from Symbiotic Ecosystems. Special issue for Marine Drugs (ISSN 1660 3397)

She is also an Associate Editor for Frontiers Marine Biotechnology and the Review Editor for Frontiers in Microbiology: Antimicrobials, Resistance and Chemotherapy and guest co-editor of the following issue of the Frontiers: Marine Biotechnology

  •  Kurtböke D.I. and Zotchev, S. (Guest co-Eds.) (2018). Marine Biotechnology for Sustainable Futures. Special Issue for Frontiers: Marine Biotechnology.

Several recent highlighted publications are provided below.

  • Buedenbender, L.; Robertson, L.P.; Lucantoni, L.; Avery, V.M.; Kurtböke, D.İ.; Carroll, A.R. (2018). HSQC-TOCSY Fingerprinting-Directed Discovery of Antiplasmodial Polyketides from the Marine Ascidian-Derived Streptomyces (USC-16018). Marine Drugs, 16, 189.
  • Kurtböke, D.İ. (2017) (Ed.). Microbial resources: from functional existence in nature to applications. Elsevier, Academic Press (ISBN: 9780128047651)
  • Buedenbender, L., Carroll, A. R., Ekins, M. and Kurtböke, D. İ. (2017). Taxonomic and metabolite diversity of actinomycetes associated with three Australian ascidians. Diversity, 9(4), 53.
  • Brinkmann, C. M., Kearns, P. S., Evans-Illidge, E. and Kurtbӧke, D. İ. (2017). Diversity and bioactivity of marine bacteria associated with the sponges Candidaspongia flabellata and Rhopaloeides odorabile from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Diversity, 9(3), 39.
  • Jonns, J.A., Brooks, P.R., Exley, P., Poole, S. and Kurtböke, D.İ. (2017). Streptophage-mediated control of off-flavour taint producing streptomycetes isolated from barramundi ponds. Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology, 2(2), 105-112.

Research areas

  • Microbial ecology, diversity and systematics
  • Applied and environmental microbiology and biotechnology and bioremediation
  • Bacteriophages and bacteriophage therapy
  • Industrial microbiology and biodiscovery
  • Waste management and bioconversion of waste into environmentally friendly bio-fertilizers
  • Biological control of plant pathogens
  • Marine and aquatic microbiology

Teaching areas

  • Microbiology
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical and Food Microbiology

Dr Ipek Kurtboke's specialist areas of knowledge include food microbiology and fermentation microbiology, biotechnology, marine microbiology

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