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Dr Michael Rimmer

BSc USYD, MSc Macquarie, PhD JCU

  • Senior Research Fellow
Dr Michael Rimmer

Dr Mike Rimmer has been involved in the development of aquaculture and stock enhancement techniques for Australian native marine and freshwater fishes for over 35 years.

Mike’s research was instrumental in the development of practical aquaculture technology for barramundi (Lates calcarifer), which is now the principal aquacultured finfish in northern Australia. More recently, he has been involved in developing aquaculture technology for high-value marine finfish such as snappers (Lutjanidae) and groupers (Serranidae).

He has undertaken numerous collaborative studies with laboratories in the US, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and several Pacific Island countries, and has led two ACIAR projects to improve hatchery and grow-out technology for grouper and other high-value marine finfish.

From 2006 to 2015 Mike was based in Indonesia, managing Australian-funded projects on post-tsunami reconstruction in Aceh, diversification of coastal smallholder aquaculture in South Sulawesi and Aceh, and the impacts of disease in grouper aquaculture.

Mike is currently working for the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Tropical Aquaculture Research group on projects covering seaweed aquaculture in Indonesia, rabbitfish (Siganidae) hatchery and feed development in Indonesia, and Asian seabass / barramundi aquaculture in Cambodia.

Professional Memberships

  • World Aquaculture Society
  • Royal Zoological Society of NSW

Research areas

  • Hatchery and grow-out technology for marine finfish
  • Sustainable coastal aquaculture and mariculture development
  • Stock enhancement techniques for native marine and freshwater fish
  • Seaweed production and product development
  • Role of aquaculture in alleviating poverty in coastal communities in Asia
  • Development of south-south models for enhancing research capacity in developing countries

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Rimmer, M.A. and Glamuzina, B. (2019). A review of grouper (Family Serranidae; Sub-family Epinephelinae) aquaculture from a sustainability science perspective. Reviews in Aquaculture 11, 58–87.

Fachry, M.E., Sugama, K. and Rimmer, M.A. (2018). The role of small-holder seed supply in commercial mariculture in South-east Asia. Aquaculture 495, 912–918.

Perryman, S.E., Lapong, I., Mustafa, A., Sabang, R. and Rimmer, M.A. (2017). Potential of metal contamination to affect the food safety of seaweed (Caulerpa spp.) cultured in coastal ponds in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Aquaculture Reports 5, 27–33.

Putra, N.S.S.U., Lapong, I., Rimmer, M.A., Raharjo, S. and Dhand, N.K. (2013). Comparative performance of four strains of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in brackish water ponds in Indonesia. Journal of Applied Aquaculture 25, 293–307.

Dr Rimmer's specialist areas of knowledge include: Development of hatchery technologies for marine and freshwater fish, Design and management of large aquaculture research, development and extension facilities, Design, implementation and analysis of large multinational research, development and extension projects and Application of sustainable aquaculture technologies for coastal communities in developing countries.

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