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Dr Peter Brooks

PhD NSW, BSc(Hons) NSW.

  • Senior Lecturer, Biological Chemistry
+61 7 5430 2828
Office location
Sunshine Coast
Dr Peter Brooks


Dr Peter Brooks was awarded his PhD in Chemistry from the University of New South Wales in 1989. He then taught in the Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Adelaide for two years. From 1991 to 2000, Dr Brooks lectured chemistry at La Trobe University, Bendigo. He has been with the University of the Sunshine Coast since 2001 and lectures in analytical and organic chemistries.

Dr Brooks has extensive research experience in analytical, environmental and organic chemistry. He has held research positions, supervised Honours and PhD candidates and attracted grants on projects involving chemotaxonomic studies, environmental monitoring and bioactives in honey. At the University of the Sunshine Coast, Dr Brooks' research directions include environmental monitoring and the quantitation of bioactive compounds.

Research grants

Project Name Funding Body
Hive and Wellness: Australian Manuka Project Hive & Wellness Australia Pty Ltd
Exploring the relationship between Leptospermum nectar and DHA production CRC Honey Bees
CRC for Honey Bee Products - The Analysis of antimicrobial bioactives CRC Honey Bees
CRC for Honey Bee products (head agreement) CRC Honey Bees, University of the Sunshine Coast
Agilent Research Collaboration Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
Chemical diversity investigation of Australian regional propolis Hive & Wellness Australia Pty Ltd

Research areas

  • Chemical analysis and isolation of compounds from natural materials
  • Expertise in chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques applied to the trace analysis of important compounds in biological and environmental samples
  • Isolation of bioactive compounds from honey and bee products, and the chemical monitoring of the environment

Teaching areas

  • Analytical Sciences
  • Organic Chemistry

Peter's specialist areas of knowledge include science, chemistry, biochemistry, analytical techniques, environmental chemistry

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