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Dr Raymond Summit

  • Lecturer, Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP)
+61 7 5456 5913
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Sunshine Coast
Dr Raymond Summit

Dr Raymond Summit has more than 20 years experience lecturing mathematics, statistics, mechanics and computing. He has taught at USC’s Preparatory and Enabling Unit for many years now, with prior undergraduate teaching appointments at the W.A. School of Mines (Curtin University), Deakin University, Victoria University and the University of Ballarat.

Prior to teaching in the tertiary sector, he has taught at secondary schools for many years and has also had industrial experience as a Computer Programmer.

Raymond’s current research interest is the application of constructivist learning theory to mathematics education. Constructivism asserts that knowledge and meaning is constructed in the learner’s mind from their own experiences, rather than being transmitted from teacher to learner. Raymond is conducting research into the efficacy of a constructivist approach to the learning and teaching of mathematics and in the use of technology in mathematics education.

Raymond is a keen user of technology in education and sees technology an opportunity to enhance students’ learning experiences. Technology provides a means to adopt a constructivist approach in mathematics education. Raymond has developed technology-based learning activities designed to enhance students’ understanding and visualisation of mathematical concepts.

Although Raymond now concentrates his energy on mathematics education, he has previously conducted research in modelling component reliability for an Australian car manufacturer through the analysis of warranty data. The models have been used to estimate the manufacturer’s warranty cost and to estimate the cost of an extended warranty.

Research areas

  • Constructivism in mathematics education
  • Use of technology to enhance mathematical understanding and conceptualisation
  • Modelling component reliability and warranty data cost analysis

Teaching areas

  • TPP115 Mathematical Methods for Science and Engineering
  • ENB122 Enabling General Mathematics
  • ENB123 Enabling Mathematics for Physics
  • ENB124 Enabling Statistics

Dr Raymond Summit is a Lecturer in Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP).

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