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Dr Renata Grunennvaldt

BForestryEng UFSM; MSc (Agronomy - Crop Science) UFPR; PhD UFPR

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Horticultural Plant Production
Mobile: 0497 212 696
Office location
SD I-1.07B
Sunshine Coast
Dr Renata Grunennvaldt

Dr Renata Grunennvaldt was awarded her MSc (2014) from the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil) which included studying promoter-root specific from Eucalyptus and its validation in Nicotiana tabacum via Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Dr Grunennvaldt then completed her PhD (2018) at the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil) with a partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) and investigated the production of secondary compounds of medicinal plants under in vitro conditions. Both Master and PhD were developed in partnership with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA).

Dr Grunennvaldt has experience in plant physiology, acting on the following subjects: crop production, tissue culture, plant propagation, production and analysis of secondary metabolites of plants.

Since joining USC, Dr Grunennvaldt has been working in collaboration with other members of the University’s GeneCology Research Centre with a focus on natural products.

Dr Grunennvaldt is also the School of Science & Engineering's HDR Coordinator.

Potential research projects for HDR and Honour students

  • Plant secondary compounds


Grunennvaldt, R. L.; Degenhardt-Goldbach, J.; Brooks, P.; Tomasi, J. de C.; Hansel, F. A.; Tran, T.; Gomes, E. N.; Deschamps, C. Callus culture as a new approach for the production of high added value compounds in Ilex paraguariensis: genotype influence, medium optimization and compounds identification. Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (accepted for publication).

Gomes, E. N.; Vieira, L. M.; Tomasi, J. de C.; Tomazzoli, M. M.; Grunennvaldt, R. L.; Fagundes, C. de M.; Machado, R. C. B., 2018. Brown seaweed extract enhances rooting and roots growth on Passiflora actinia Hook stem cuttings. Ornamental Horticulture. V. 24. p. 269-276.

Grunennvaldt, R. L.; Degenhardt-Goldbach, J.; Tomasi, J. de C.; Davila Dos Santos, G.; Aparecida Vicente, V.; Deschamps, C., 2018. Bacillus megaterium: an endophytic bacteria from callus of Ilex paraguariensis with growth promotion activities. Biotecnología Vegetal. V. 18, p. 3 – 13.

Tomasi, J. De C.; Degenhardt-Goldbach, J.;  Grunennvaldt, R. L.; Dávila Dos Santos, G.; Aparecida Vicente, V.; Franciscon, L.; Bona, C.; Quoirin, M. G. G. 2018. In vitro establishment of shoot meristems of Ilex paraguariensis and identification of endophytic bacteria. Journal of Forestry Research, V. 1, p. 1-13.

Zanella, L. B.; Franciscon, L.; Grunennvaldt, R. L.; Tomasi, J. De C.; Degenhardt-Goldbach, J.. 2018. Micropropagação de Pinus tecunumanii. Ciência Florestal, V. 28, p. 651.

Grunennvaldt, R.L.; Degenhardt-Goldbach, J.; Gerhardt, I. R.; Quoirin, M. G. G..2015. Promoters used in genetic transformation of plants. Research Journal of Biological Sciences, V. 10, p. 1-9.

Research areas

  • Analysis of bioactives compounds
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant in vitro culture
  • Plant-bacteria relationshp
  • Plant biotechnology

Teaching areas

  • Biodiversity and Ecology
  • Discovery Science
  • Plant Sciences
  • Plant Biotechnology

Program coordinator

Dr Renata Grunennvaldt's specialist areas of knowledge include plant physiology and the production of secondary compounds of medicinal plants under in vitro conditions.

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