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Grace Forsyth

Grace Forsyth

BSc Qld.

  • Research Assistant, Thompson Institute
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USC Thompson Institute


Grace Forsyth is a PhD candidate and research assistant for the Clinical Trials Unit at USC’s Thompson Institute.

As a Thompson Institute researcher, Grace has been involved in a wide range of projects including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in refugee populations, youth mental health, and clinical trial programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and has extensive experience in developing research projects and ethics documents, creation and implementation of recruitment strategies, data collection (EEG/MRI) and analysis, article writing and publication, and training and coordinating team members.

In 2019, Grace completed her Honours project, graduating with First Class Honours. Her project explored amygdala and hippocampal structural alterations as a result of trauma and associated with PTSD. She has continued her interest in PTSD, undertaking a PhD exploring the efficacy of a novel pharmacological therapy for reducing PTSD symptom severity and altering neurobiology.

Grace also continues to work as a research assistant as part of the clinical trials team, where she has worked on projects addressing suicidality, depression, and PTSD.

Research areas

  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • youth mental health

Grace Forsyth is a research assistant at the Thompson Institute, specialising in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and youth mental health.

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