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Professor Helen Stallman

PhD Qld., DClinPsych Qld., CertMedEd Qld., BPsych (Hons) James Cook, BSc S.Qld.

  • Professor, Clinical Psychology
  • Professorial Research Fellow - Suicide Prevention
+61 7 5456 5742
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USC Thompson Institute
Professor Helen Stallman

Professor Helen Stallman is a Hospital Research Foundation Fellow at the Basil Hetzel InstituteTQEH, Director of the International Association for University Health and Wellbeing and a member of Beyondblue’s The Way Back Support Service Clinical Risk and Quality Sub Committee (2019-2022).

Helen is a specialist in the development and evaluation of interventions aimed to optimise health and wellbeing. Her focus has included suicide prevention, university health and wellbeingparenting, and e-psychology. Dr Stallman developed the Coping Planning approach to suicide prevention and the Care · Collaborate · Connect suicide prevention training programs.

The quality and impact of Helen’s research has been recognised with a number of awards including Healthy Development Adelaide Women’s Excellence in Research Award for 2019, UniQuest Trailblazer, and the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) Award for Best Practice/Innovation.


Professional membership

  • International Association for University Health and Wellbeing
  • Australian Psychological Society Disaster Response Network
  • Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Healthy Development Adelaide
  • Student Pathways, Equity, and Enabling Network
  • Australian Wellness Network for Law

Awards / Fellowships

  • 2020 - current Honorary Research Fellow, Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals and Woodford Corrections Health
  • 2018–2021 The Hospital Research Foundation Fellow
  • 2019 Healthy Development Adelaide Women’s Excellence in Research Award

  • 2019 CSIRO ON Prime program participant

  • 2014 University of South Australia Early Career Researcher Networking Award

  • 2013 International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) Joint award for Award for Best Practice/Innovation for thedesk 

  • 2012 The University of Queensland Faculty of Health Sciences Award for Programs that Enhance Learning for The Learning Thermometer

  • 2011 ANZ Mental Health Services Achievement Award. Joint award for OnTrack

  • 2011 Silver in the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Award Joint Award for On Track Joint award for OnTrack: Supporting your journey to health and wellbeing

  • 2010 Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards - Service/Program category Joint award for OnTrack: Supporting your journey to health and wellbeing

  • 2008 Griffith University Primary Health Care Research Evaluation & Development Writing Bursary

  • 2008 UniQuest Trailblazer Winner (Family Transitions Triple P) - innovation competition developed to reward innovative ideas and early-stage research, which have the potential to benefit the community, industry, or business as well as generate a financial return.

  • 2007 UniQuest Trailblazer Competition finalist (Family Transitions Triple P)

Potential research projects for HDR and Honours students

  • Suicide prevention
  • Bereavement following suicide 
  • e-psychology
  • University health and wellbeing
  • Coping planning for suicide prevention
  • Coping Kids to promote resilient children
  • University success after childhood adversity
  • Developmental interpersonal trauma – treatment and its relationship to eating disorders substance use problems, Borderline Personality Disorder, and domestic violence
  • Acute Suicide Prevention
  • Implementation of the ‘Care Collaborate Connect’ model in Emergency Departments, Policing, Perinatal care, General Practice, Nursing, and Community Mental Health
  • Neurobiological outcomes of psychotherapy

Research grants

Project Name/Focus Investigators Funding Body &
A$ value
Mixed reality and holographic technologies (iHealth) to deliver cognitive and behavioural therapy for treatment of anxiety among teenagers with asthma. Carson-Chahhoud KV, Tai A, Spurrier N, Smith R, Esterman AJ, Gwilt I, Stallman H. Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation
Improving sleep and coping in inpatients to improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.   Stallman, H. M. 

The Hospital Research Foundation Mid-Career Fellowship


Psychological First Aid Training. Stallman, H. M.

Department of Veteran Affairs


Psychological First Aid Training. Stallman, H. M.

United Fasterners



Research areas

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Suicide prevention
  • University health and wellbeing
  • Parenting

Teaching areas

  • Clinical Psychology