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Professor Jeremy Davey

PhD Qld., Med James Cook, BEd James Cook

  • Consultant
Sunshine Coast
Jeremy Davey

Professor Jeremy Davey is the former Leader of the MAIC/UniSC's Road Safety Research Collaboration and works one day a week as a consultant.

He has an extensive history and experience in research, publication and HDR supervision in areas such as alcohol and other drug use, policing, heavy vehicles, impaired driving and deterrence.


Senior Fulbright Scholarship 2018

Best Lecturer of the Year 2003 QUT

Inaugural National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) PhD Fellowship 1990-1994


Fulbright Alumni

Australasian College of Road Safety 

Research areas

  • Road Safety
  • Substance use
  • Drug driving
  • Drink driving
  • Roadside and Workplace Drug Testing

Dr Jeremy Davey is a Professor in the School of Law and Society and is Leader of the University of the Sunshine Coast’s (USC) Road Safety Research Collaboration. He has an extensive international history and experience in research, publication and Doctoral supervision in areas such as Road Safety, Workplace Safety, Policing, Rail Safety, Alcohol and other Drug Use, Heavy Vehicles, Impaired driving, Enforcement and Policy development. He has held senior executive and advisory positions in a number of national bodies and advisory groups. (Deleted section was here) ) . He is currently a member of the Australian Commonwealth Government’s, National Drug Driving Working Group and the US Government’s National Academies of Sciences, (Deleted section was here) Standing Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Transportation. Jeremy was previously Professor and co-founder of the State’s first dedicated university research centre in road safety (CARRS-Q at the Queensland University of Technology). In 2018, he was awarded the United States Government’s flagship foreign exchange scholarship program award of a Senior Fulbright Scholar and asked by the Queensland Government’s Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) to establish and develop a dedicated university research group in road safety within USC

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