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Professor Merrilyn Goos

BSc (UQ), DipEd (UQ), GradDipReading (Griffith), MEdSt (UQ), PhD (UQ)

  • Professor of Education
  • School of Education & Tertiary Access
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Moreton Bay
Merriyln Goos

Merrilyn Goos is a mathematics educator and mathematics education researcher who has worked in universities in Australia, the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Following her first career as a food technologist, she taught mathematics, chemistry, and food science in secondary schools and technical colleges in Australia before moving to the university sector as a teacher educator. Her academic research has investigated students’ mathematical thinking, the impact of digital technologies on mathematics learning and teaching, numeracy across the curriculum and across the lifespan, the professional learning and development of mathematics teachers and mathematics teacher educators, curriculum and assessment reform in schools and higher education, and gender equity in STEM education.

Merrilyn has served as Editor-in-Chief of Educational Studies in Mathematics, one of the two highest ranking international journals in mathematics education research, and she is founding co-Editor-in-Chief of Research in Integrated STEM Education, a new journal to be published by Brill from 2023. She has held leadership roles in mathematics education at the State, national and international levels, serving as Vice-President (Professional Development) of the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers, President of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, and currently as Vice-President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction. She is a Life Member of the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers.

Professional Memberships

  • Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia
  • International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education
  • Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • British Society for Research on Learning Mathematics
  • American Educational Research Association
  • International Federation of National Teaching Fellows


  • Life Membership, Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers, 2021
  • Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mathematics Education Research, Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, 2017
  • Associate Fellow, Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 2006
  • Australian Award for University Teaching, 2004
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching, The University of Queensland, 2003
  • Practical Implications Award, Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, 2000
  • Early Career Award, Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, 1993

Merrilyn’s research has been supported by numerous grants from the Australian Research Council and the Office for Learning and Teaching, as well as other Australian public sector organisations. While working in Ireland she was awarded research funding from the EU Horizon 2020 scheme, Erasmus+, Science Foundation Ireland, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, the Department of Education and Skills, the Higher Education Authority, the National Adult Literacy Agency, and the Irish Teaching Council. She is the lead author of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (Allen & Unwin), which in 2008 won an Australian Award for Excellence in Education Publishing, and she has co-authored or co-edited books on numeracy across the curriculum and mathematics.

Research Grants

Grant/Project name


Funding body & A$ value


Focus (of research grant)

Enabling students’ critical mathematical thinking

V. Geiger (Australian Catholic University), K. Beswick (University of New South Wales), J. Fielding-Wells (University of New England), T. Scheiner (Australian Catholic University), G. Kaiser (University of Hamburg), M. Goos

Australian Research Council ($382,715)


Generating new insight into teaching practices that can promote or inhibit development of students’ critical mathematical thinking for addressing complex real-world problems

Outdoor science education for a sustainable future

Geonardo Environmental Technologies (HU); Fondation Europeennee de la Science (FR); Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (NL); University of Limerick (M. Goos, R. Kelly, O. McCormack) (IE); Bridge Budapest Association (HU); Learning Scoop (FI); Big Van Theory (ES); Cardet Centre for Advancement of R&D in Educational Technology (CY)

EU Horizon 2020
$2.53 million ($434,000 to the University of Limerick)


Connecting experts in education outside the classroom (EOC) to enhance scientific citizenship

Evaluation of the impact and implementation of the Junior Cycle Curriculum Framework

M. Goos, O. McGarr, O. McCormack, J. O’Reilly (University of Limerick)

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (Ireland)


Longitudinal study evaluating the implementation and impact of a new junior secondary school curriculum in Ireland

Integrated approach to STEM teacher training

Linköping University, Sweden; Hacettepe University, Turkey; University of Limerick, Ireland (K. Leahy and M. Goos); Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

EU Erasmus+
$1.47 million ($84,000 to the University of Limerick)


Enhance STEM teacher training at partner universities in line with Bologna provisions

Common European Numeracy Framework

University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; University of Barcelona, Spain; University of Limerick, Ireland (N. O’Meara, M. Goos, K. O’Sullivan, J. O’Donoghue)

EU Erasmus+
$114,000 to the University of Limerick


Improve professional development opportunities for adult numeracy teachers in Europe by developing a Common Numeracy Framework

Systematic review of literature to identify a set of effective interventions for addressing gender imbalance in STEM in Irish primary and post primary education settings

M. Goos, J. O’Donoghue, C. Lane, K. Leahy, G. Walshe, T. O’Connell (University of Limerick)

Department of Education and Skills, Ireland


Systematic literature reviewing informing policy recommendations for improving gender equity in STEM education

STEMChAT – Women as catalysts for change in STEM education

M. Goos and R. Kelly (University of Limerick)

Science Foundation Ireland


Create new, engaging approaches to providing STEM career information for school students and parents

Building an evidence base for national best practice in mathematics education

R. Callingham (University of Tasmania), J. Anderson (University of Sydney), K. Beswick (University of Tasmania), C. Carmichael (Charles Sturt University), R. Faragher (Australian Catholic University), V. Geiger (Australian Catholic University), M. Goos (UQ), D. Hurrell (Notre Dame University), C. Hurst (Curtin University), T. Muir (University of Tasmania), R. Reaburn (University of Tasmania), L. Sparrow (Curtin University), S. Thornton (University of Oxford), H. Watt (Monash) University, J. Wells (University of Tasmania)

Office of the Australian Chief Scientist


Investigate processes used by schools that demonstrated successful outcomes in NAPLAN numeracy in terms of student growth

Is maths for me? Understanding and promoting disadvantaged students’ academic aspirations for mathematics

C. Ng (ACU), M. Goos (UQ), N. Bahr (Griffith University)

Australian Research Council Discovery Project


Investigate influences on students’ subject choice decisions in Years 10 and 12

Numeracy teaching across the curriculum in Queensland

M. Goos (UQ), V. Geiger (ACU), A. Bennison (UQ)

Queensland College of Teachers


Review literature on international good practice in teaching of numeracy in schools; review existing policy guidelines and teaching resources; develop research-based resources

The Science of Learning Research Centre

O. Lipp, J. Hattie, M. Timms, P. Sah, T. Jiang, J. Mattingley, R. Cunnington, P. Dux, D. Reutens, R. Hester, M. Goos, A. Carroll, D. Clarke, R. Gillies, G. Kennedy, C. Tayler, S. Khoo, M. Westwell, R. Tytler, T. Bredy, S. Thomson, J. Pegg, P. Griffin, S. Silburn, L. Lockyer, B. Butterworth, D. Laurillard

Australian Research Council Strategic Research Initiative
$16 million


Foster strategic collaborations between educators, neuroscientists, and cognitive psychologists  to improve understanding of learning and enhance education in a variety of settings

Inspiring mathematics and science in teacher education

M. Goos, J. Grotowski (co-leaders, UQ), M. Bulmer, S. Dole (UQ), S. Belward, J. Balatti (James Cook University), J. Anderson, L. Polodian, L. Sutherland, C. Taylor (University of Sydney), J. Osborn, K. Holmes, E. Prieto, P. Howley (University of Newcastle), C. Sandison, T. Forrester, A. Worthy, R. Vickers (University of Wollongong), K. Beswick, A. Seen, E. Hilder, S. Fraser, G. Thomas (University of Tasmania)

Office for Learning and Teaching (Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers program)
$2.2 million


Foster collaboration between mathematicians, scientists, mathematics educators, and science educators who prepare future teachers.

Develop strategies for combining knowledge of content and pedagogy in mathematics and science teacher education.

Teachers using classroom data well

P. Renshaw, A. Baroutsis, C. van Kraayenoord, M. Goos, S. Dole (UQ)

Queensland College of Teachers


Develop an analytic framework for best practice in using classroom data to improve student learning, illustrated by case studies

Enhancing numeracy learning across the curriculum

M. Goos, S. Dole (UQ); V. Geiger (ACU): H. Forgasz (Monash)

Australian Research Council Discovery Project


Identify the numeracy demands of all subjects in the F-10 Australian Curriculum.

Develop teaching practices that support a rich approach to embedding numeracy across the curriculum.

Proportional reasoning as a key to numeracy across the curriculum

S. Dole, M. Goos, M. O’Brien (UQ)

Australian Research Council Linkage Project


Develop cross-curricular learning activities that target proportional reasoning.

Building the culture of evidence-based practice in teacher preparation for mathematics teaching

R. Callingham (University of Tasmania), K. Beswick (University of Tasmania) (Project Leaders), M. Goos (UQ), P. Serow (University of New England), S. Tobias (University of New England), H. Chick (University of Melbourne), J. Clarke (Flinders University), B. Kissane (Murdoch University), S. Thornton (Charles Darwin University)

Australian Learning and Teaching Council


Develop tools for universities to monitor the quality of their mathematics teacher education courses and processes to bring about changes based on the evidence collected

Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (QCAR) Framework Evaluation Phase 2

M. Mills, M. Goos (Project Co-Directors), P. Renshaw, R. Gilbert, E. Honan, K. Nichols, T. Wright, S. Dole, S. Muspratt (UQ)

Queensland Department of Education and Training


Assess the effectiveness of QCAR in improving the continuity, consistency and alignment of curriculum, assessment and reporting across Queensland schools

Assessment policy and impact on practice: Sharpening the policy review process in Australian universities

J. Duck, S. Hamilton, K. Webster, S. Derrington, G. Coleman, P. Sutton, M. Bowen, M. Goos (UQ)

Australian Learning and Teaching Council


Develop improved assessment policies and practices, and practical guidelines for reviewing and analysing assessment policies in Australian universities

Building capacity for assessment leadership via professional development and mentoring of course coordinators

M. Goos

Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education


Build the capacity of course coordinators to effectively implement the university’s assessment policies

Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (QCAR) Framework Evaluation Phase 1

M. Goos, M. Mills (Project Co-Directors), R. Gilbert, T. Wright, P. Renshaw, D. Pendergast, K. Nichols, Khan, A., Keddie, A., E. Honan (UQ)

Queensland Department of Education, Training and the Arts


Develop a methodology for an overall QCAR evaluation strategy and establish baseline data on teaching practice and student learning

Longitudinal study of teaching and learning in Queensland schools

M. Mills, M. Goos (Project Co-Directors), R. Gilbert, T. Wright, P. Renshaw, D. Pendergast, K. Nichols, Khan, A., Keddie, A., E. Honan (UQ)

Queensland Department of Education, Training and the Arts


Establish a framework for monitoring key aspects of classroom practice and their relationship to student learning during the middle school years; establish a baseline data set as a benchmark for a longitudinal research program

Designing technology-enriched pedagogy in secondary mathematics education

M. Goos

Australian Research Council Discovery Project


Investigate how and why secondary school mathematics teachers use digital technologies to help their students learn

The role of technology-enriched, technology-mediated learning communities in reforming mathematics teacher education

M. Goos

Australian Research Council Discovery Project


Examine the impact of a technology-enriched teacher education program on beginning teachers’ integration of digital technologies into secondary school mathematics classrooms

Home, school and community partnerships to support children’s numeracy development

M. Goos (Project Director), A. Coco, L. Jolly, T. Short, P. Galbraith (Q); S. Frid (Curtin University), T. Lowrie (Charles Sturt University), M. Horne (Australian Catholic University)

Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training


Conduct a critical review of research literature; identify and analyse the current range of practices in Australia in home, school and community partnerships to support children’s numeracy development

Research areas

  • numeracy across the curriculum and across the lifespan
  • mathematics teacher education
  • mathematics teacher educator development
  • STEM education

Teaching areas

  • Mathematics education (curriculum and pedagogy)
  • Numeracy across the curriculum
  • Educational research methods