Zalia Powell | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Zalia Powell

PhD (Society and Culture), BSW(Hons) 

  • Lecturer, Social Work
  • School of Law and Society
+61 7 5456 3140
Office location
Moreton Bay

Dr Zalia Powell completed her PhD as an APA scholarship candidate, with research focusing on the lived experiences of perinatal anxiety. Zalia has presented the findings of her research both nationally and internationally.

Prior to her appointment with UniSC, Zalia was a clinical social worker with experience across acute and subacute SCHHS services, with an interest in women’s and family’s services.

Zalia’s research interests focus on motherhood across a range of complex lived experiences including mothering through domestic violence, young motherhood, Aboriginal motherhood and mothering through perinatal bereavement.

Potential research projects for HDR & Honours students

  • Qualitative research
  • Motherhood
  • Perinatal

Research areas

  • Perinatal anxiety
  • Young motherhood

Teaching areas

  • Social Work
  • Social Science

Program coordinator

  • Powell, Zalia Rose (2018) When the bough bends: lived experiences of perinatal anxiety. PhD thesis, James Cook University. DOI 10.25903/5c89aa3c1ca5a
  • Powell, Z. R. & Harris, N. (2013). Young Motherhood: The Lived Experiences of Mothers Aged Eighteen to Twenty-Five – an Australian Context. In P. IIango, A. Francis & N. Harris (Ed.), Scientific Writing and Publishing in Social Work (152-167). Bangalore