Visual Design and Communication
ADN 110 (Offering: 2003)


Contemporary culture is a visual culture, and image literacy, like literacy and numeracy, is one of the fundamental skills required to negotiate contemporary life. With an emphasis on theory, practice and criticism, this studio-based course aims to develop in students the capacity to make and evaluate their own work as well as other visual images encountered in life. Students are introduced to image-making processes using media such as drawing, collage, painting and graphics. The course considers how artists, disigners and visual communicators may use these media in the creation of contemporary images.

Major(s)/Minors(s): Studies in Art & Design (major only)

Usual Semester of offer: Semester 1

Other Information

Area(s) of Study: Studies in Art and Design

Number of Units: 12

Antirequisite: HSS135  




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