Sport and Leisure Issues
AUS 110 (Offering: 2003)


Students interested in looking at issues such as drugs in sport will be interested in studying Sport and Leisure Issues. This first-year course examines the history and sociology of sport and leisure, focusing on Western modern sport since the nineteenth century. Issues that affect sport, such as gender, politics, nationalism, economics, class and the media are explored. Topics include sports and Olympic history, sports science and drugs, national identity, State of Origin and the media, Walt Disney World, McDonalds and pet rocks.

Major(s)/Minors(s): Australian & Cultural Studies (major), Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity (major)

Usual Semester of offer: Semester 2

Other Information

Area(s) of Study: Australian & Cultural Studies

Number of Units: 12

Antirequisite: (HSS141)  




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