Economics for Business
BUS 102 (Offering: 2003)


This course aims to provide students with a systematic overview of Economics as a foundation study in business, covering Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Business managers need to be aware of the economic environment in which they function and the impact this has on short and long term strategic decision making. Microeconomics deals with how the forces of demand and supply interact within various market structures to determine the prices and quantities of products and resources that are exchanged. Students will initially apply analytical tools to economic problems faced by individual firms and customers when interacting in product and resource markets. The second part of the course introduces issues pertaining to the economy as a whole and the implications for and of government policy making both at the national and international level using Macroeconomics to examine how the aggregate demand and aggregate supply of all products and resources change over time.

Major(s)/Minors(s)/Specialisation(s): Foundation

Usual Semester of offer: Semester 1

Other Information

Area(s) of Study: General Business

Number of Units: 12





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