Managing the Organisation
BUS 104 (Offering: 2003)


In management, most of the theories are culture specific and there are no universal theories or techniques that could be applied in all places. However, in this course we aim to provide sufficient exposure for students to develop their understanding of the major themes and theories of management that are important in managing a business or organisation. The course looks at the main theoretical approaches to the management of organisations; principles governing the structure of organisations, theories of motivation and leadership; an appreciation of the role of culture and environment in the work of the manager; identifying modern approaches to operations management and quality; understanding the role of teams in organisations; an appreciation of the importance of strategic planning and management; and an understanding of the ethical dimensions of the work of the manager.

Major(s)/Minors(s): Foundation

Usual Semester of offer: Semester 1

Other Information

Area(s) of Study: General Business

Number of Units: 12





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