Accounting for Non-accountants
BUS 107 (Offering: 2003)


Three key aspects of the accounting discipline are introduced in this course: financial accounting, management accounting and finance. A wide range of accounting topics are studied including the nature and role of accounting for finance, measuring and reporting financial position, analysing financial performance, accounting for limited companies, measuring and reporting cash flows and the analysis and interpretation of financial profit and marginal analysis, full costing, and budgeting. The final part of the course examines the domain of finance including capital investment decisions, the management of working capital and financing the business.

Students considering further accounting studies should not undertake this course, but should undertake BUS106 as it is the prerequisite for further accounting studies.

Major(s)/Minors(s): Foundation

Usual Semester of offer: Semester 2

Other Information

Area(s) of Study: General Business

Number of Units: 12

Antirequisite: BUS106  




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