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Balancing life and study

Meet Amy

USC Dietetics Graduate, now a Senior Clinical Dietitian at a hospital in Caboolture, and owner of Brisbane Paediatric Nutrition in north Brisbane.

Amy Thompson

“I’d say the biggest thing I learnt during my student years was resilience. I’d ride the emotions of my performances, both in my studies and in the pool. I found all the USC staff to be very supportive of my commitments as an athlete and throughout my extended time studying there”

Throughout her studies at USC, Amy had to juggle her uni commitments with a competitive swimming career. A part-time study load provided Amy with the flexibility she needed to ace exams while maintaining her competitive edge in swimming. Access to study support from her lecturers and tutors also helped to keep Amy on track with her classes.

Placements in her degree helped Amy put theory into practice, honing her skills as a dietitian. Undertaking clinical placements in Nambour, Townsville and rural Queensland showed Amy the breadth of work available in her future career, and she started work as a graduate dietitian in Nambour just one week after finishing her final placement in Townsville. Amy now works as a Senior Clinical Dietitian at a hospital in Caboolture, as well as running her own paediatric dietetics practice in north Brisbane.

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