Core course - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Core course

USC offers a core course for students enrolled in undergraduate programs:

  • COR109

The core course aims to provide students with:

  • a positive introduction to the university experience
  • generic skills and knowledge relevant to all disciplines
  • the opportunity to experience common areas of study
  • effective progression into other courses in all faculties
  • an opportunity to enhance the ability to communicate ideas and information 

The core course is essential for future success at University. It can help students to:

  • improve transferable skills and knowledge base and help achieve the graduate attributes
  • increase understanding of why each discipline area is relevant and useful
  • learn generic skills to apply in developing and graduate level subjects
  • develop an expanded understanding of society

The core course does not assume prior knowledge in a specific field, therefore no prerequisites are required.

Apart from activities such as lectures and tutorials, students are expected to undertake considerable private study (which might involve discussion of course material with other students, reading, research, problem solving, etc) and work towards preparing and submitting assessment tasks. The workload is similar to other courses.

More information

Refer to the course outline on the COR109 page or contact the course coordinator, Dr Greg Nash