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Study engineering

Build. Move. Or make things work.

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If you’re constantly imagining better ways to build, move or make things work, the engineering programs at USC can give you the skills you need to turn your ideas and ambitions into practical solutions. An engineering degree at USC is perfectly geared for you.

Visualisation studio - Collaboration

You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience in our engineering labs. Immerse yourself in 320° simulations and interact with what you create in our visualisation and collaboration studios – cutting edge facilities not yet used for teaching by any other university in the world.

Innovation Centre

You’ll also gain invaluable insight, networks and experience from guest lectures by industry professionals and 12 weeks work experience with professional engineers and engineering associates.

Start building your engineering career

Civil engineering

Study the Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) and you’ll make better places by planning, designing, building and maintaining infrastructures including buildings, roads and transportation, water, and environment.

Mechanical engineering

Study the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) and you can shape our world through the way things operate, working with machines and mechanical systems to develop better manufacturing methods.

Civil engineering and environmental science

Study the Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) / Bachelor of Environmental Science and you’ll manage human interaction with the environment by using your technical, business management and scientific environmental knowledge.

At USC, it's your time to shine.