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Courses available to Headstart students

We are currently reviewing our offering for Headstart in 2021. A full list of courses will be updated as soon as possible.

Choose from courses in the following study areas:

For more information on location, Semester of offer and entry requirements click on the course links below. Please note some courses offered to Headstart students have additional entry requirements, which are listed below.

Business, tourism and events

BUS101 Exploring Business Research
BUS102 Introduction to Economics
BUS104 Discovering Management
BUS105 Marketing Essentials
BUS106 Accounting for Business
BUS108 Introduction to Informatics
TSM102 The World of Tourism, Leisure and Events

Communication, design and creative industries

CMN101 Introduction to Creative Entrepreneurship
CMN103 Introduction to the Creative Industries
CMN104 Introduction to Media and Communication Industries
CMN105 The Illuminated Screen: Introduction to Film and Television Studies
CMN106 Contemporary Communication Theory and Trends
CMN107 Introduction to Professional Communication
CMN108 Issues in Social Media
CMN116 Playing with Words : an Introduction to Creative Writing Craft
CMN117 Playing with Genre
CMN120 Public Relations: Contemporary Perspectives
CMN130 Introduction to Journalism
CMN140 Introduction to Creative Advertising
CMN150 Visual Journalism
COR109 Communication and Thought (Please note COR109 will not be available in 2021, however a full list of courses will be available as soon as possible)
DES101 Grammars of Design
DES102 Visual Storytelling
DES103 Fundamentals of Photography
DES104 Art, Design and Visual Culture
DES105 Introduction to Design and Concept
DES106 Design in Application
DES107 Drawing Practice
DRA100 Acting 1: The actor's craft
DRA102 Exploring Twentieth Century Theatre
EGL120 The ' English' Tradition: An Introduction to Literary Studies
FSH100 Introduction to Key Concepts of Fashion
MUS100 Intro to Songwriting and Production
MUS101 Intro to Songwriting and Performance
SGD100 Playcentric Game Design
SGD101 Game Art: Introduction to 2D & 3D
SGD102 Introduction to Games Scripting
SGD120 Interactive Narrative: Fundamentals


EDU101 Human Development and Learning
EDU103 Integrating ICT into Learning
EDU104 Foundations of Literacy and Numeracy
EDU115 Creative Expression and Play through the Arts

Environmental studies

ENP101 Urban Design & Town Planning Principles and Practice
ENP103 Planning Theory and Governance
ENP104 Planning Economics and Urban Analytics
GEO100 Changing Planet Earth
GEO101 Introducing Human Geographies

Health sciences

LFS100 Cell Biology  - Must be studying Biology
LFS103 Introductory Bioscience - Must be in Year 12
LFS112 Human Physiology - Must be studying Biology
LFS122 Human Anatomy - Must be studying Biology
PUB102 Environment and Health
PUB104 Introduction to Behavioural Health
PUB112 Public Health Foundations

Languages and linguistics

IND110 Indonesian A
IND111 Indonesian B - Prerequisite course: IND110
JPN110 Japanese A
JPN111 Japanese B - Prerequisite course: JPN110

Law and Criminology

CRM101 Introduction to Criminology
CRM102 Understanding Crime
CRM103 Punishment and Corrections
CRM105 Policing
JST101 Justice and the Australian Legal System
LAW101 Foundations of Australian Law A

Psychology and social sciences

COU180 Introductory Counselling Skills
HIS100 What Makes Australia? History of Australian Popular Culture: The Twentieth Century and Beyond
HIS140 Global Citizens: A History of Humanity
INT101 Introduction to International Relations: An Australian Perspective
INT102 Global Environmental Politics
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology A
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology B
PSY102 Current Directions in Psychology
PSY103 Applied Psychology in Health Care
SCS101 Foundations of Human Behaviour
SCS110 Australian Society: How does(n't) it work? - An Introduction to Sociology
SCS130 Introduction to Indigenous Australia
SCS140 Introduction to Development Studies
SWK100 Introduction to Social Work Practice Theories
SWK172 Introduction to Social Work and Human Services
SUS101 Foundations of Sustainability

Science, IT and engineering

ENG101 Foundations of Engineering  - Please note: there are two 4 hour field trips during the semester that Headstart students need to attend. View the course outline for more details.
ENG104 Introduction to Engineering Design
ENS103 Earth's Surface Processes
ICT112 Creative Problem Solving with Programming
ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design
MTH103 Introduction to Applied Mathematics - Must be studying Maths B/Mathematical Methods or Maths C/Specialist Mathematics
MTH104 Introductory Calculus - Must be studying Maths B/Mathematical Methods or Maths C/Specialist Mathematics
SCI102 Biodiversity and Ecology - Must be studying Biology
SCI105 Chemistry - Must be studying Chemistry
SCI107 Physics - Must be studying Maths B/Mathematical Methods or Maths C/Specialist Mathematics
SCI110 Science Research Methods  - Recommended to be studying Maths A/General Mathematics, Maths B/Mathematical Methods or Maths C/Specialist Mathematics
SCI113 Discovering Science

Sport and exercise science

SPX101 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Science
SPX102 Introduction to Coaching Science
SPX103 Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise - Must be in Year 12 and studying biology
SPX121 Exercise Prescription and Programming I  - Must be in Year 12 and studying biology

* Semester of offer at each location is subject to change, please refer to class timetable before completing an application.

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