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TE-Course | Theory and Experience

Equip yourself for maximum performance

TE-Courses combine theory and experience to deliver highly practical content. Each TE-course is offered as a series of three bite-size modules. Choose to attend for one or two days or register for the whole three-day course.

You'll learn in a small class environment and network with participants from a range of industries. You’ll be coached through a range of strategies to help you successfully reach your workplace goals.

Gain certification and credit 

Participating in a TE-course is a great way to experience what it is like to study at University and it may open up a pathway into a higher-level qualification. Upon completion of all three modules, you'll receive a USC Certificate of Completion. To gain a credit* towards a USC postgraduate Business degree, you are required to successfully complete additional assessment (examination and short case study).

*Course credit is not available for students currently enrolled in a USC Business program.

TE Courses on offer in 2021

Leadership for optimal team engagement

Designed for team leaders or aspiring leaders, this series of three modules will provide the foundational skills to help you build a more productive and engaged workplace culture.

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Digital Futures

The course is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, and business leaders and can include business founders, executive level management, as well as frontline and mid-level managers.

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Strategic Marketing Thinking

This series of three modules will provide essential skills for understanding your market, creating value for your customer, and developing marketing plans.

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Fintech for Managers

The series of three modules is focused on enhancing the growth potential of businesses by providing a step-by-step guide to the new technology-driven ways of raising funds, enhancing revenues, and reducing costs.

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Accounting Fundamentals

This course is specifically designed for anyone who wants to understand the basic fundamentals of accounting, analyse and interpret the main accounting reports prepared for decision-makers, prepare cash budgets and build basic business plans for controlling costs and setting prices.

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Feedback from previous participants

"I would recommend this to anyone wanting to take management to the next level." (Operations Manager in Construction)

"The content was great, very relevant and very useful in our current situation. Lots of theory behind why things happen and some practical applications as to how to try to combat this." (Undisclosed attendee)

"I would recommend this course to my organization for staff attendance on the next available similar course." (Supervisor- ICT Servicedesk/Infrastructure Regional Council)

"The days went by quickly and it was easy to stay attentive and absorb the information." (HR Manager)


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