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Digital Futures

Digitally supercharge your business

The course is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, and business leaders. This can include business founders, executive level management, as well as frontline and mid-level managers. Participants should have at least three years of work experience. If you are currently working in a small-medium-sized business, or thinking of beginning your own entrepreneurial venture, or, if you are working in a supervisory role or have the ambition to move into management, this course will provide you with key skills and knowledge to digitally supercharge your enterprise.

Boost your business’ performance through:

  • enhancing the customer experience through digital innovation
  • using digital tools to amplify business value offering
  • understanding the digital environment and recognising its opportunities for your business
  • discovering the challenges and opportunities of the data explosion
  • exploring the security conundrum
  • understanding your digital assets
  • application of strategic digital leadership
  • how to promote the skills of continuous learning, experimentation, and improvisation
Module 1: The Cloud and the Customer

Topic 1: Rainmaking with the Digital Cloud

  • How to utilise cloud-based technology to enhance your business offering.

Topic 2: Creating rich, meaningful and valuable customer experiences

  • How to use digital tools and technologies to amplify your value offering.
Module 2: Exponential Data and the Security Conundrum

Topic 3: Exponential Data

  • The challenges and opportunities of the data explosion.

Topic 4: The Security Conundrum

  • A.I., hacking, espionage, and business continuity.
Module 3: Strategic Digital Leadership and Leveraging your Digital Assets

Topic 5: Understanding your digital assets

  • Digital asset lifecycle management techniques.

Topic 6: Strategic Digital Leadership

  • Promoting the skills of continuous learning, experimentation, and improvisation.

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Choose one or two modules/days: $480 per day (GST exempt).

Register for the entire series (three modules/days): $1,200 (GST exempt).

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Meet the presenters

Anthony Grace

Dr Anthony Grace

Dr Anthony Grace is the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Business Digital Futures and a Lecturer in Business at USC. The key areas of his teaching and research are digital futures, franchising, entrepreneurship, and trust building strategies within the business environment.

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Gavin Keeley

Gavin Keeley

Gavin Keeley is an Adjunct Associate Professor at USC. His experience spans over 35 years in international consultancy and executive corporate roles across a diverse range of industry sectors. Gavin has led a wave of new technologies for companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. He has been responsible for leading business innovation through technology at Suncorp and Hollard Insurance and spearheaded the case for a direct undersea fibre optic cable connection to the Sunshine Coast, which was completed in March 2020.

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