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Uni pathways and preparation

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At USC, we understand that not everyone takes the same route to university. For some students, a more guided pathway with extra support can make a big difference in reaching your academic and career goals.

If you have not met the requirements for entry into a USC bachelor's program, or are not quite ready to launch into a full degree, our preparation programs are for you.

These specially designed programs support you to adjust to university learning and build the skills you need to excel in university and career pathways.

Tertiary Preparation Pathway

USC’s Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) gets you ready for undergraduate study. TPP helps you:

  • Refresh or build content knowledge
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop the skills you need for university success

TPP courses are designed to build or improve your knowledge in subjects you may not have studied in high school, or content areas (pre-requisites) required for your chosen degree. You can study up to four TPP courses.

When you successfully complete TPP, you will be eligible to apply for direct entry into USC undergraduate degrees.

University Skills for the Community

This free course is for anyone thinking of taking the first steps towards returning to study at TAFE or university.

It is specially designed for adults of all ages who have not undertaken formal study for some years, or who did not finish high school.

University Skills for the Community is led by experienced USC advisers and there are no tests, assignments or exams.

Tertiary Support Program

Tertiary support courses are for students who are enrolled in a USC undergraduate degree and would like extra support with discipline-related knowledge and skills.

Tertiary support courses run prior to Orientation and during the semester.

Bridging and preparatory courses

USC offers bridging and preparatory courses that are designed to help you succeed at your studies: