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Discovering a pathway to uni

Meet Asha

Current USC Education/Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies student, future HPE teacher.

Asha Chalmers

“It had been 10 years since I was out of school and I wasn’t sure what I was like as an adult learner. The support has been phenomenal, it’s helped me in a huge way.”

Studying at university wasn’t part of Asha’s plan when she was in high school. Growing up in Hervey Bay, a love of gymnastics and a deep connection to her community pulled her towards a career in coaching the sport. Through this Asha uncovered her true passion for teaching and considered a change in career to become a high school HPE teacher. Without the required pre-requisites to get started in her degree, Asha found USC’s fee-free Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) program as a way to complete pre-requisite study and gain a selection rank. Asha has now mastered the art of balancing her working life with field experience placements in her teaching degree, and her future as a teacher is within reach.

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