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Juggling family and study

Meet Kristie-Anne

Current USC Nursing student.

Kristie-Anne Ryder

“Being a single mum with two young children, it is important for me to maintain a healthy study and home life balance. USC provides flexible timetables for you to fit uni around your life.”

Kristie-Anne was on maternity leave with a three-month old when she decided to take the leap and enrol in a Bachelor of Nursing Science at USC Moreton Bay. After enrolling, Kristie-Anne found her stride with juggling family and her uni studies. The key to success has been maintaining a healthy study and home life balance, and Kristie-Anne details her top tips for this in The Challengers below.

The challengers

Read more about Kristie-Anne's story and other USC graduates who took on their challenges and are now flourishing in amazing careers. Plus, tips and tricks from the experts for everything you need to be successful at uni.

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